Thursday, October 30, 2008

Indian Fine Dining

Table & chair settings, nice serviettes, wine, wine glasses, cutleries neatly arranged, lights deemed to create the perfect atmosphere...


Have you tried Indian Fine Dining before? Yesterday night was my first experience of Indian Fine dining in my whole life! Usually, for dinner, we have normal western food but yesterday night was special cause we had our Hall Formal. Do go here to read more about my hall formal as I'm too lazy to be talking about the same thing twice.

We started off with snacks. Snacks was Pappadam

Then came our appetizer

Then our teaser meal, Chicken Tikka.
NO! It's not our MAIN MEAL! Haha I'd faint if it really is our main meal!

The real thing...
Lamb, naan & rice with spices (no, it's not briyani)

Our dessert : Indian ice cream

The effort to make it fine dining style, the settings, decorations, the food... well.. we're served HOT and not cold plate dishes, the indian ice cream is nice with its touch of mango taste, and it's very different from the normal ice creams that we use to have, and imagine us yesterday having dinner during the beginning of winter! Haha. The lamb well, I find it a big too sweet to my taste, and overall it's okay, at least the rice with spices is well cooked, but I find the naan bread a bit too hard, the pappadam is excellent - even better than the ones I used to have in various indian restaurants in Malaysia, the appetizer, it's not bad, up to my liking and the teaser meal, chicken tikka was nice, reminds me a lot of tandoori chicken + satay. Lastly, we have indian kuih-muihs too, but I did not take pictures of it unfortunately and it's not that nice anyway. I find the taste a bit weird.

Overall, the food is not bad, I'll give it a 8.0/10

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