Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thai street foods

When one mentions about amazing Thailand, automatically, the word TOMYAM pops up in one's mind. The equation goes like this : Thailand = Tomyam.

Let's ignore the equation of Thailand = Trannies and focus on FOOD. Haha.

Today, I'm going to talk about Thai street foods, in Haadyai. Haadyai is located at somewhere at the South of Thailand. It's only about 3 hours + drive from Penang, and about 1hour+ drive from Kedah. Near right? It's relatively nearer than from Penang-KL drive which on average, takes 4 hours.

During one of my roadtrips to Haadyai

Here are some food that I would recommend you all to try when you're in Haadyai. Haadyai is not big actually, it's just a town, and its usually concentrated on a few roads/streets. It's not that big actually, so a stay of 2 days would be able to cover Haadyai.

Have you seen the commercial of Pierce Brosnan & Zhang Ziyi in a Tuk-tuk? Click here if you haven't! LOL. It's a funny one.

Travelling around the town of Haadyai is actually not much of a problem cause as you can see, there's Tuk-Tuk's everywhere at your disposal. Usually, a ride costs (2-4 bahts/RM0.20-0.40 per person) if you're too lazy to walk.

I know some of you think that street foods are unhygenic. Well, it all depends on the condition of the stall and area, and also your tummy's tolerance for street food. Haha.

A very random picture of me. Haha. Noob looking eh? hee hee. That's one of the times when I was fat, esp my arms and face.

During one of my visits to Haadyai, I saw a few stalls selling fried insects. Yes. Fried insects and I'm sure some of you would have heard of it. It's very, very cheap. Normal insects like cockroaches, worms, beetles costs 10Baht (approx. RM1) for a packet. For more exotic insects like scorpions, grasshoppers, etc, it costs 20Baht (approx. RM2) for a packet.

Deep fried cockroaches

Deep fried bug of somesort

Worms, beetles, yadaa yadda...

One of the stalls during the fair.

Pictures are from EnjoyThaiFood. I actually have my own pictures of the fair, and the stalls selling fried insects, but sadly enough, one time, my external hard drive crashed and I lost my that trip's pictures with exotic bugs. Yes, you might have guessed it right, I only took pictures and I DID NOT TRY THEM OUT. Pleaseeeeee, no insects and bugs for me!

Back to more street food :

Smoked cuttlefishes just beside Central Shopping mall

Beside Central Shopping mall too, is this stall that sells deep fried edible items! (not exotic bugs & insects)

Roasted pigeon

Deep fried soft shell crab

This is 1 of the famous soya bean + mini yao za guai's added. It's only available at night, at 1 of the streets in Haadyai. It's very cheap, as it costs only (10-15 baht/RM1.00-1.50 per bowl)

Sorry for my ignorance, but this is the stall that sells yummy yummy soya bean + mini yao za guai. I do not know what the street is called and I do not speak Thai.

However, if you're interested, this stall is located right opposite this place. Hahaha. Interesting shop sign right? LOL. Think dirty. LOL LOL. It's a massage parlour I think...

This is where you'll sit when you have a bowl of hot soya bean

Just incase if you feel homesick during your short trip in Haadyai and seek for something MALAYSIAN... do not worry! As you can see...

EH??? Can't believe your eyes???

Have a closer look

They have this too!

It's all located in one of the busy streets beside one of the shopping malls

Just for fun before I end this post, guys and girls... you can go here for some personal pleasure if you want some. Who knows you might gain a PERSONAL FRIEND. Hahaha. Yes, it's somesort of a whore centre like that. Hahahahaha.

Sorry if I happen to bore you with this post. That's the end of the post of Thai Street Food. Next time, I'm going to blog about my makan-makan experiences in Log Terrace in Haadyai. I've been to Haadyai for quite a number of times - usually for a day, or two, and all ... just to eat! So I'm pretty familiar with the places, where to go, and where to eat and all. Who knows, perhaps we can organise a OnlyFoodie makan-makan trip during summer break!


  1. Hey!! That place looks familiar! Is it opposite Sukhotai Central Hotel @ Haadyai? I used to go there. I worship the mango rice at one of the streets! :)

  2. haha yeah yeah!! central!!!
    yummy! the mango rice!!!

  3. Thanks for the info, it will sure helps for my first trip there next week.
    ricky KL