Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i had a spaghetti for my dinner just now, erm.. and i would like to share with u! haha...

Actually, it is not difficult to cook urself a spaghetti, however, it doesnt mean easy ya ! haha

This is the first time i cook my family a "spaghettaboudit" dinner. what does it mean? i also not really clear, jus a word from a book i read before this. ( crapping)

Below is some simple way which guide u to cook urself a spaghetti ( i wish u enjoy) ^^ :

for sure...u need to visit grocery shop ( if not where u expect to get those material ohh =.=) and buy material A : a Prego Pasta Sauce, a pack of Fettuccine and a canned mushroom and basil leaves.


SECOND step is to prepare material B

minced chicken breast

tomatoes (3-4)

onion (chopped)

garlic (chopped)

mushroon (sliced)

Next, in a large soucepan (or any other pot u think ll fit) over a medium-high heat, cook the chicken.

add the onion, garlic, and cook until tender. Pour in the mushrooms, tomatoes, pasta sauce and stir everything together. Simmer.

In a seperate pot, cook the spaghetti / fettuccine according to the packet instruction.

however, according to the intruction,

" COOKS IN 11 MINUTES",but.. it took me 25 minutes to cook!!!! ( #$%$#*&^%#)


when the spaghetti/fettuccine ready, add some planta to the spaghetti , if not ll stick together. and also pour some dried basil leaves u bought before this.

last, serve the sauce you cook over the spaghetti/fettuccine

haha... it is not difficult right!
try it at home!
enjoy ya!! ^^

difficulties : *** ( 3 stars)
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  1. looking at ur interesting entries makes me feel... SO HUNGRY!

  2. hahah... then go get some snacks now! or u want some " spaghettaboudit"?
    haha.. ^^