Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sisters Char Koay Teow

Sisters Char Koay Teow at Macalister Road

Today, I'm going to introduce you to the famous Sisters Char Koay Teow located at Macalister Road, Penang. Yes, the char koay teow is known as Sisters Char Koay Teow. Hmmm let us wonder will we ever have a Brothers char koay teow soon? Haha. The coffee shop is at the corner and located opposite Phuah Hin Leong's mansion (which is now under construction after selling it to Loh Guan Lye hospital). Or... you simply recognise the coffee shop cause it looks like it's about to collapse anytime. Hahaha.

View from the shop

Parking isssues... You'll have a difficult time to find parking as there's no parking lots available (yes there is, but only like a few, less than 5). You have to park illegally along the roadsides, so you have to be smart la, "cap sang" sikit when you park lest you get a parking summon. Everyone parks illegally along the roadside and ironically, its at the main road of Macalister Road. Just follow the cars and park. Hehe.

Me & Graeme with our plate of char koay teow

Graeme & Chern Ta with their char koay teow

The char koay teow has its own speciality. Sisters sprinkle some fresh crab meat on top of the char koay teow before serving you. A plate of normal char koay teow costs RM4.00 (that was before the price increase of oil). Sisters char koaay teow opens for breakfast only. If you go there for lunch, too bad la, cause they'll be closed for the day then. The perfect time to go is around 9AM+ to 11AM+ (before 12PM).

You must be wondering, eh? Sisters? Lorong Selamat? Which one better? Well, in my opinion, you have to try both places of char koay teow! WHY? You think I'm a very big fan of char koay teow is it? Crazy ah? NOooo. That's cause... each plate of char koay teow is different. Tastewise and price. Hehehe.

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