Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Din Tai Fung :: 鼎泰豐

Their Story~

Din Tai Fung's founder, Mr Yang, fled China in 1948 during the Chinese Civil War. He was a penniless immigrant when he landed in Taiwan. He soon found a job as a delivery boy for a store selling cooking oil. When he finally saved up enough money, he started a small restaurant in 1972 selling Xiao Long Bao (dumpling) and noodles named Din Tai Fung. The original restaurant was a humble little outlet, Mr Yang used few years to refined the secret recepi of Din Tai Fung's xiao long bao. The end result is a delicious soup filled dumpling with at least 18 delicate folds. Today, there are more than 40 Din Tai Fung restaurant in 10 countries.
Din Tai Fung has been voted as "Top 10 restaurant in the world" by The New York Times.
During the study week, me, favian and jon went MV for Iron Man, jon introduced this restaurant to us~
Din Tai Fung can be found at The Garden Midvalley megamall.

Right beside the entrance, u can find this~ A huge poster showing some celebrities that have visited the restaurant, what compliments they've received, and blabla bla~. in a more polite way,can be said that they are using maketing strategy to impress customer, if not....Kind of showoff thingy lar~ lol...


A basic table setting

ok, lets look at the menu first~ order what u wan, no need worries

see, somehow i have to admit that they are quite pro in making Xiao Long Bao, coz as they mentioned, the world famous Xiao Long Bao each has at least 18 exquisite folds, translucent and fine skin, plump and juicy within, and freshly made when we order~ lol... a bao only... also so detailed... haha

Here is the Xiao Long Bao package. We order Combo A.

Mango Shrimp Rolls
Spicy Shrimp Pork LaMian
Pork Chop Fried Rice.

one thing i din expect was , they used japanese rice to cook!! hmm... good idea!!! i shall try at home!

here we come, Xiao Long Bao.!!

Vegetarians are welcome too!!!!

u know, i used to watch a taiwan tv programme, which was a competition in eating Spicy Noodles (ma la mian). I tot taiwan-made chili sauce can make me crazy, but... it was so~so~ only!


  1. look very nice!! the portion for the fried rice is big! looked really yummy..

    ok, i'm definitely gonna try it out someday..=)

  2. hahaa... yeah! u can go n try try!
    but.. their xiaolongbao.... din feel any uniqueness... lol..