Friday, October 15, 2010

Nomination for the Associates Of The Month

I was too lucky to be nominated as the Employee of the Month in Mission Point Resort by Chef David Wandrie!
Of course i was really excited about that, i received a invitation letter from my HR manager, Joanna Kasper to attend a luncheon with all the directors and GM. =D
The luncheon was held at Colonial Room

Friday, October 8, 2010

Chi Peng Chinese Food @ St Ignace, Michigan

Having Chinese Food in the united states consider as a “fine dining” to me! I almost dreamt about malaysian food, chinese food everyday!
In St Ignace, a small town that across the lake, has a unique chinese and thai food restaurant which really attracted me! The reason why i say having chinese food is like having fine dining in the united states is because i will have to pay $10 for the ferry ticket across the Great Lake and another $15 to $20 for the food including tips. But, as long as it could satisfy me, i wouldn’t care! 
To be honest, their food wasn’t the “best” food but they at least has a closer taste to what i been eating for the past 21 years! To whom staying overseas, i am pretty sure you guys are enough with all the sausage, scramble egg, bacon, meat loaf, pork chop and salad… @.@
Egg Drop Soup