Monday, October 27, 2008

Sentidos Tapas

Lucky for me, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to the European countries on the edge of my sixteen. What I’m about to show u is something that has direct relation to one of the places I went back then.

Photo taken at December 2005. Location, Brussels.

Do you know Brussels? No? yes? Brussels is the capital of Belgium, one of the countries in the European countries. Honestly, I have no idea what an authentic Brussels food is but during my visit to the capital of Belgium, we happened to stop by at one Spanish restaurant and that is when I was first exposed to Spanish food and i just loved it!

You must think it’s funny that I had Spanish food in Brussels right? It’s just like someone eating Japanese food in Aussie and saying it’s tasty. After coming back to Malaysia, just when we thought we could nv get to eat that delicious paella anymore, we were told that we could still have a taste of paella and it’s just in one of the restaurants in Starhill.

Ever heard of this place?? it's just at the entrance of Starhill Galley.

The interior design:

Anyways, our main target is actually the Paella Prawns. we ordered one paella, and the rest, we had pasta. FOUR different pasta sets altogether. another contradiction that we ended up eating Spaghetti, ie, Italian food in a Spanish restaurant. =P

Spaghetti Beef Bacon

Vongole Combo

Vongole Prawns

Spaghetti Aglio Prawns

here comes the VIP! Paella Prawns!

inside, it has spanish rice (yellow color), mussels, fish, prawns, sotong etc. it's a seafood paella.

note: in case you are not familiar with the word paella, it is spanish dish of rice, chicken, seafood, vege etc cooked and served in a large shallow pan.

To be honest, of course it doesnt taste as good as the one we had in Brussels but it's still good enough that everyone finished the whole thing, without any leftover.

and for the pasta set, it's not bad. for mine, ie, Spaghetti Aglio Prawns, it's not really salty and all and quite oily( i think it's olive oil) but somehow it tasted nice. sadly, during the time we visited, we were the only customers. but overall, i think it's not bad, at least it's something new.

something for a change.

rating: 6.5/10.

and if you must know, this rating is higher than TGI Friday's at the Curve. go try out! if you can afford a meal in Nando's, Chili's or TGI Friday's, dont tell me you are too poor for Sentidos Tapas. =)


  1. yeah i know where, jus beside the second entrance of starhill feast floor!! ahhaa..

  2. YUMYUM!
    ehhhhh!!! i walked pass that place before!!

  3. hahahaa... that was few years back!!

  4. hahaha..i miss ur 'tee hee hee' gurl!! haha..i wanna hear the real giggle! =)

    few years back?? no la, 3 years only. still very innocent looking..=P, even tho now even MORE innocent..LOL!

  5. hehehe i miss ur voice! and when the way all of us talk.. makin excited, makin loud one... hee hee.

    omgness.. if u didnt mention bout my "tee hee hee" , i totally forgot bout it. i haven't been "tee hee hee-ing" for a very, very, looong time!

    awww come on! admit it.. u were never innocent to begin with ! hahaha

  6. lols.... tee hee hee?? i nvr heard b4 geh??

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