Saturday, November 29, 2008

Skipped. Again.

Hellooooo there everyone! I know most of everyone is dreadfully busy right now with the pile load of assignments. I’m done with all my individual assignments, but still left with group assignments and presentations all due next week, but I’ll take a break and HELLO ONLYFOODIE!

Entrepreneurship & Business report that was due on 28th November 2008, I handed in on the 25th November 2008 together with Sara.

I’m done with my Economics, but haven’t get it printed out yet, OK, will do so on Sunday, since deadline is on the 2nd Dec.

Alright, enough to turn you off with assignments.

Let’s move on to something appetizing.


Last few weeks ago, dinner was once again utterly disappointing. *sigh* catered halls…

The choices were : Raddish pasta, lamb meat and the disgusting sausage that looks like sh*t.

Which leaves us no choice BUT to…

dial Fortune boy! Takeway!


Guess what did I order???


Sweet & Sour Pork + Egg Fried Rice that costs GBP3.95.

My comments?

Well… the colour, I think they put some colouring into the sauce cause… you see… and… VERY SWEET. VERY VERY SWEET.

Anyhow,  you gotta see it LIVE yourself and besides, this picture is blur.


Complemented by a cup of hot chocolate. YUMMY!


And look what’s for dessert! It’s from Han Hung, taken from Starbucks in US. Haha.


So that’s all folks, dinner a few weeks ago. I know its quite outdated, but just wanna inform you that I’ve access to 1 of my favourite food – Sweet & sour Pork. Hee hee hee =P

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I will be back~

onlyfoodie(s) is currently rushing on ton’s of assignments!!

Apologized  for any inconvenience occurred!! 

please wish me luck so I can hand-up those assignments on time!! ^^v

Friday, November 21, 2008

In U village for c902 to Escape to Africa

15 - u village8

Last Saturday, me, liching, munsum, and weyshaun accompany our birthday boy CHERN TA to lowayat to buy his whole new handphone. Sony Ericsson C902! (haha. chern ta, although u tried to be low profile.. but i still announced here!)

15 - u village5

We went Sg.Wang U-village to have my 3 in 1 meal. Breakfast + Lunch + tea time ! OMG! i was very hungry that time!!

1: liching’s vege claypot
2: chern ta’s roast pork rice
3: munsum’s spaghetti
4: mine and weyshaun’s butter chicken rice
5: wey shaun’s french toast

15 - u village2

Mr Chew posing with his food!

1: Hong Kong Milk tea
2: chern ta: “can u see my white teeth?? ”
3: asked for extra rice although not started eating

15 - u village6 1: Yao Ma Dei Chhicken rice
2: Me with my food
3: Hong Kong Stocking Milk

15 - u village7

1: Liching with her order

15 - u village3 1: Wey shaun
2: french toast
3: Butter Chicken Rice
4: Stocking Milk Tea

15 - u village4 1: Mun Sum
2: Chicken Spaghetti

15 - u village After our 3 in 1 lunch, we went for movie. Madagasgar!! SUPER NICE!!
1: shaun’s hand…???!!! lols…
2: Chern ta self shot with his c902

15 - u village1 Some Chern Ta’s photo~~~~ *as usual! *

Friday, November 14, 2008

Snacks from penang!

penang tambun bia

1:Him Heang Tam Bun Bia
2:Beh teh Saw
3: Actual look of tam bun bia
4: A nice packaging

Last week, me, Derek, and wey shaun were invited to have this snacks from Wei Qi!!  *thanks*  Obviously she is a penangiat!! haha… Rachael!! do u miss Penang food?? hahah… i m sure u will give me a big YES ! hahaa…

this tam bun bia… from a most famous shop in Penang, Him Heang!!! You might not get to buy this when u go penang… depends on ur luck and how much effort u putting in to  SAPU this !! smile_winkI better dun walk in and buy, you are recommended to know some Penang people and ask them to RSVP for u!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A quick glance!


HAHA! our SA ground floor has finally officially opened!! Our foods are mainly listed in this Menu. Just a quick glance for those non-unimc fren and THOSE in UK NOTTINGHAM!!! ahha..

For more details i ll make an entry when i accumulated enough photo to blog! lols…
u know… n-types of nice foods.. it goin to take me quite a time to try it out!! People out there!!!  be PATIENT ya!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fortune Boy again!

Dinner at the cafeteria was downright disappointing again. I was already at the cafeteria and looked at the food served. The food was yucky. So I called Sara who was not down yet and told her about the food. The food served was… hamburger, potatoes that looked like fried wontons (from afternoon), and sausages that looked like sh*t. and  Then we settled down by ordering take away food from Fortune Boy.

So I called Fortune Boy at 6.11PM after Sara told me what she wanted. It took me 10 calls to finally get through Fortune Boy’s number!

Initially, I was told that the food is going to take 45 minutes to arrive. So I was like, Oh.. Okay.. So I was expecting 7PM then. Little did I know, by 6.34PM, the food is already here.

Chicken and Mushrooms with Egg fried rice

Wonton soup that costs me GBP1.90

Overall… the chicken and mushrooms with egg fried rice is nice! Then, the wonton soup, it’s just ok-ok only la… and there’s only 5 wontons. Haha just imagine in Malaysia if you were to pay RM12 just to eat 5 wantons. Imagine how the customer would beat the shit outta the wonton seller!

Anyway, I think the soup by Fortune Boy is so much better compared to Ho Lok’s cause Ho Lok serves sucky starchy and buttery soup!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thank you ..thank you and thank you!!! ^^

4- birthday (2)

1: Thanks everyone who sent me a birthday wish by sms!!  
    lime: thanks for ur call!! haha…
    yanz: thanks for ur piano-birthday song ! ^^
    Shuan: my pretty cousin! thanks for your call from India!
    Rachael : sms from nottingham Uk!
    Bun: sms from NUS Singapore! 
    evon: ur belated bday wish! haha… Acceptable!!
  *people who not listed up there, dun angry ya… coz i not able to list out each n everyone of 
   u, but i ll remember it forever!!*
2: thanks anyone who greet me on facebook wall!!
3: thanks all my frienster friend!!!


and… –>

Special thanks
  to all UNImate :

all my business school friends and

all other engineering frens!!!!!! !!!!!!!



Thanks! facebook! haha… *lame*

Surprise birthday

Desmond's bday

1 : linkyok and jon preparing the SURPRISE for me!!
2 : light up candle

Desmond's bday6

1: zd cam whore when i wanna blow candle! haha…
2 & 3: his “cake ” from ailyn
4 : cam whore with me

Desmond's bday2

1: des blowing candle
2: My UNIMC gang ! *roar* haha…
3:cutting cake

Desmond's bday3

removing candle

Desmond's bday4

1: making a wish
2&3: Cake from my beloved unimc fren!
4:me with the knife

Desmond's bday5 1: desmond n lydia
2: eh… chern ta.. u are not expected.. haha.. jkjk
3: with!!! ahha…
4: lucky to have 3 girls surrounding me!

Desmond's bday7 1: jon and wong trying to block me~

Desmond's bday8 1: ly, des, chenxin n liching!
2: where is rachael??
3: writing on my knife

Desmond's bday9

1: Jon and lingyok
2: ly was trying to stop me from doin “sth”… ahha…
3: i did that!!

Desmond's bday10

1: random pic
2:alice wanna kill me!!
3: i will keep that cake knife! ^^  *omg.. i  non-stop laughing!!*
4: ^^

Desmond's bday11

1: all of us~
2: we in normal face
3: isma suggested UGLY face! lols..

Desmond's bday12 1: ugly pic again
2: Alice… what are u doing??
4:pink lady take 2!


1,2,3 &4 : CAM WHORE!

Desmond's bday13 1: aaron,ailyn and eelyn
2: this is a better one!! ahhaa… aaron right?
3: 2 foodie blogger!! ^^


A surprise Starting!!


I think Desmond have a fun and shocking birthday celebration today. It was so sudden. Right after our Business Law lecture, Li Ching went up the stage and ahhem.

"Hey everyone, can i have your attention please. Today is our friend, Desmond's birthday. Let's all sing a birthday song for him."

Happy Birthday to u
Happy Birthday to u
Happy Birthday to Desmond
Happy Birthday to u

(Suwen, Happy Birthday Desmond, retrieved 5th November, 2008 at

Liching n Lingyok…. that “anything” … can i add TERMS N CONDITION APPLY? ahhaa…

in F1a15



rl n dc

Su Wen

suwen n des




4- birthday1 




KAI YI n frens



At night, Jon n Adrian treat me dinner in 52! Thanks!!



Rachael purposely took a flight from Nottingham UK to Malaysia Campus!! i am so TOUCHED!!!! ahhaa



3- restaurant 52 @semenyih

Last Thursday, me Jon and his brother, Adrian had dinner in restaurant 52 @ semenyih town. Well, this restaurant is so far the best among all Chinese restaurant in this area.

 DSC01979 Pork with Guiness Staut


Fried Prawn


taufu with pork

To get there, jus make a right hand turn when u reach a junction to Nirwana Memorial. This restaurant is in between a single story house. U will see alot cars parking inside and it is on ur left hand side!


chern ta got free food from SA aunty!! *he looks so happy*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big Wok!!!

Sometimes, having to crave my desperation for chinese food, we would go to 1 of the buffet restaurants at the city centre in Nottingham. We usually go to either Big Wok or May Sum. It seems like the guys like it better at Big Wok instead of May Sum whereas Sara & I had another opposing opinion. We prefer May Sum instead.

A buffet costs around GBP6.00 – GBP6.50 and it’s all you-can-eat buffet, so it’s best to go there with an empty stomach to fully utilise what you’ve paid for. Being very Malaysian, it’s one of our culture to eat like : If you pay GBP6.50 for a buffet meal, you just got to eat the amount of food that’s more than GBP6.50 and if not, you won’t leave the restaurant. (Lim, 2008). Hahaha.

On 19/10/2008, we went to Big Wok (again) :


My 1st round : I had sweet & sour pork, char siew with egg fried rice, fried brocolli, long beans, cabbage (ahh finally, some chinese styled vegetables!) and black bean with beef.

Yours truly with her bowl of noodles


Taa daa! Noodles baby!! Koay Teow with fishballs and minced pork meat with the oily chilly!!

Fried noodles, eggs with pork meat, beef meat, lemon chicken and tofu!

Coconut milk and honeydew with sago! *i’m so touched that i was almost in tears*


Vanilla ice cream + chocolate coating


Marshmallows & chocolate

At the end of the day, I kinda regret cause I didn’t go for another round or two for the main meals (like the first few pictures above). I should have. Haha. Anyway, the glutton-ness in me cause me a mild diarrhea the next day. Hee hee. Okay, I shall promise myself next time that I ought to go for at least 5 main meals before hitting on the dessert & extras.