Thursday, January 29, 2009

Four Seasons Restaurant

Hello people!


Have you heard of Four Seasons Restaurant in London?

Haha. I bet most people who are a fan of chinese food would definitely pay this restaurant a visit.

Four Seasons Restaurant is located in Bayswater, London. Well, you can take the tube to Queensway station and it’s about 5 minutes walk from there. 



What one must try is the famous roasted duck.

We ordered a whole roasted duck.

AND YES!!! The duck is omg… LOVE IT! YUMMY!!! For a moment I thought I was on cloud 9 when the piece of roasted duck meat was in my mouth.



Next is the roasted crispy pork and char siew.


We had this vege too.



And not in pictures are 2 dishes. One minced pork thingy and another one is duck wrap.

The total ?

It’s about GBP80+ for the 6 of us.

So it’s about GBP15 per person, and we all went out with a very full stomach. This is one restaurant that I would recommend and bring my friends and family when they go to London. It’s worth trying!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year’s Eve meal

Sorry for the very late update people! As you all might have known (or not), we had a whale of a time studying for the exams and all that. Finally! It’s about time to clean the dust in OnlyFoodie!

What I’m going to talk about is… my new years eve meal. No, not chinese new year eve, but the 31st of December 2008 meal. I had my last meal of the year – homecooked.



There. Can you see the monkey drawn on the newspaper? Hee hee. I drew it.

BTW, let’s not focus on the newspaper, as it’s just been used as a table-cloth.

What we cooked was

1) Basmati rice

2) Watercress with chicken drumsticks

3) Cabbage with egg and oyster sauce


Yes. This is my last meal of the year 2008. Though the picture  may look unappetizing, but it’s pretty darn sure it’s edible! Never judge a book by its cover and this applies for food too! Haha.

Surprise surprise… that I’m able to find watercress vege here.



Cooking the soup was easy, as it’s the same method as other soup.

1) Boil water in pot
2) When the water boils, throw in chicken drumsticks
3) When the water boils again, throw in the vege (watercress)
4) Close the lid of the pot and leave it to boil.
5) Add in pepper/salt/sugar, whichever it is to suit your taste

… and it all takes about 20 minutes.



The vege too, was like any other vege fried.

1) Heat up pan
2) Pour a reasonable amount of cooking oil
3) Fry garlic
4) Throw in cabbage
5) Add a bit of water
6) Add a bit of oyster sauce
7) Add a bit of salt
8) Crack an egg and stir fry with the vegetable

… and it takes about 5 minutes.


Hah. I assure you, I’m returning home with improved cooking skill. =P

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Here's one recommended chinese restaurant if you fancy some simple yet delicious chinese delicacies.

It is located at balakong, somewhere near Milwaukee Steak Corner shop.

As what the shop name suggests, the core attraction of this restaurant is none other than its fish (Fei Zhou Yu).

For a family of 6, the most common thing people do is do order perhaps one or two dishes of fish at max. however, it's a completely different phenomenon altogether ordering fish dishes in this restaurant. one fish for one family?? no way! one fish per person is correct!

dont worry, you wont over feed urself with one fish per person. in fact, before u know it, u're done eating the fish and find urself still peeling at the remaining flesh stuck at every part of the fish bone. providing you are a fish lover like me of course.

the type of cooking for the fish varies depending on customers' preferences. for me, i'd recommend the spicy one with chilies and gingers all over. HOT and delicious! sorta reminds me of Chan Sow Lin fish head restaurant. oh, and also the one shop i patronised in Gombak some time ago.

and of course, the other dishes are worth mentioning too!

depending on what type of delicacies you prefer. they have various of choices to choose from. if you're feeling a little bit healthy, can go for dishes like vege, taufu and all.

u can always ask the waitress to recommend you more dishes if you're clueless about what to order.

we ordered 10 dishes altogether! 5 fishes! and guess what, all left was just fish bone by the time we left! and the price, slightly over RM100 if i'm not mistaken.

anyway, at least it's more worthwhile than having to eat at some expensive steak house! =P

do give it a try.

rating: 7/10

Monday, January 19, 2009

My third time in Japanese Food Restaurant

Last Thursday (14/1/09) was my very last day in semester 1 of my Year 1 BEF degree in University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. I went through foundation from July 2007 and now, January 2009 Year 1 Semester 1 over.  *time flies* (omg.. why i sound a little bit moody?) haha…

I very used to myself already, after a hectic period of doing work, i will feel LOST when such works (assignments, exam) came to the end, normally i  will unconsciously  de-tour around the campus alone…  Is this regarded as a person who doesn’t have proper time managing skill? what say you?


On the Business Economic Final’s eve, lingyok sent me an sms, asking me whether to join them to mv tomorrow’s afternoon to get some pressies for our January birthday friends. It was a total of 7 of them! Actually, things happen this way. I wasn’t intended to go for Zanmai, but only escaping from this oil palm jungle to a concrete jungle where i belong to, inhale some kl fresh air and watch a nice movie. haha
We had our lunch in Mcd after buying Bed Time Stories movie ticket. We wanted to watch a HK comedy, but it wasn’t out yet. Premier screening on the first day of Cny.

Oh ya, i got only 3 previous dealing with Japanese food. The first time was in Jogoya, which was not really serving PURE Japanese food, but a combination of Chinese, Japanese and western food.  My second time was in Sushi King and my willingness to pay for the bill is nearly zero, i can’t explain the reason to you, i just don’t like! Thirdly,  here i come, Sushi Zanmai. Haha..  I not really so deep into japanese food. It is all because i couldn’t stand raw meat.. even Salmon, i would prefer grilled salmon with some mayonnaise topping. Yes, i am kinda weird.

After lingyok has completed all her tasks, we decided going back to campus by catching 630pm bus. We couldn’t get on the train at 5.50pm from mv to kajang due to the selfishness of some malaysian who didn’t want to move further in the train and the stupidity of the KTM arranging the train shift, i wonder why don’t they spend some money to upgrade the pathatic quality of public transport instead of building a new low cost terminal only benefiting airasia in labu, negeri sembilan while the KLIA was designed for 125 million passengers a year but we are handling only 25 million passengers with a excess capacity for another 100 million passengers more?  We end up  decided to take the next bus, which is 8.30pm and get our dinner in mv. That was the reason! haha

Well, i m still a newbie in eating Japanese food , so i do not really know how to order as in which dish is nice for me, so I randomly ordered their Unagi set. I tasted a little saltiness in it. Saltiness would go well with white rice compared to sweetness and Sunshi Zanmai’s Unagi just hit the right spot.


DSC02289 Small Unagi set, Rm15.90++


DSC02290DSC02291  Tempura Udon set by chernta, Rm10.80++


Tsukimi Ramen by chenxing, Rm6.80++


Sunway Pyramid Outlet
First Floor, Japanese Street,
TEL 03 - 7492 3080
FAX 03 - 7492 3090
MOBILE 012 - 989 3080
12.00 noon - 11.00 pmAll Logo Map Artwork

The Garden Outlet
T-217, Third Floor, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
TEL 03 - 2282 1160
FAX 03 - 2282 3160
MOBILE 012 - 702 1160
10.00 am - 10.00 pm

sz garden map

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little Taiwan and Mdm Kuan’s

Again, i delayed this entry due to reasonably foreseeable circumstances. =)
*remind you of anything?” haha


This outing was 1 day after our frenzied assignment period, which was happened 3 weeks ago. During the frenetic period, my daily routine was so pathetic systematic. Despite attending classes,  i had imprisoned myself inside F1A23 in the rest of the time, a study room which was sometimes freezing like the North Pole, provided the  air conditioners is on.  Till then, i realized what is meant by ‘global warming’ –>  when someone went and turned off the air conditioner!! The room becoming muggy and made me feel stifling!! *Argh*  I eventually thought that penguin would have hated us so much because we switched off their ‘air-conditioner’ .. hmm… Don’t you think so? *being environmental conscious* ahha

I have just finished my semester 1 final exam. Done my unbalanced accounting paper, step out from the 1000KPa business law examination hall with uncertain mood, and ending my economic paper in bewildered condition. *argh* I don’t care anymore!! ( couldn’t be bothered by me in anyway~) haha

Our native plan was to go on Friday 2pm, right after the submission of our economic assignment. But it was forced to postponed because some of them already in hibernate mode. OKLOH! Saturday!! On sunny saturday, we took 10am bus to kajang ktm. Reaching there in about 37minutes. KTM, it is still remained undefined why it took so long on every shift? and why we will have to squeeze inside a ktm? Again, we were told to be careful of pick-pocketers. 

We separated into 2 groups for movie, favian, hakim, lydia and me decided to watch IP Man which was superbly awesome!! The rest of them watching Yes Man which was funny, i supposed. There was 90minutes left to our movie time, we went there with a empty stomach, which prepared our self to have non-sa food that day! SA rocks!!

Hakim and friends went into Carl’s Junior. I personally think that the burger is jus TOO colossal for me. My stomach felt like bursting after i ate it; by now.. the feeling of stomach-bursting still haunting me, although it was 6 months ago.. Ok, some of you must be thinking, “wah, desmond, i tot you will never ever feel full one??” What i ate was the ‘mushroom chicken’ thingy in double supreme size, some France made fries and soft drink. I don’t remember the name of the giant burger already, it was recommended by the staff itself.. *urgh*


Me and favian went into Little Taiwan which just few steps distance from Carls’ Junior. The restaurant is quite eye-catching from their orange colour exterior. When i have placed the order, some memory flash into my mind, telling me that i have actually visited them once and i regarded the restaurant SO~SO only. ><


i ordered a Fried Pork Ma-La noodles ($8.9) , a yam milk shake ($4.9), and share a side dish with favian. Noodles, no-big-deal, as what i can get from our SA cafe. Basically, they jus added some curry paste into the soup. really…. NO BIG DEAL! No choice, i wasn’t meant to smile when i taking photo, but it would be too awkward if i take photo with a noodles, somemore with a angry face? like this—> smile_baringteeth  haha… Apparently at the time we busy taking photo, the table next beside us were “implicitly criticizing” about us. haha… although i feel darn bashful, and my face is almost blushed.. I just pretend i didn't hear anything! lalala~


Favian ordered same noodles with me, but his came with a fried chicken. Although they promoting that they are some what beef specialist, i didn’t manage to prove it, because i do not eat beef. lols…

Close up of our no-big-deal lunch:


After the non-that-satisfying lunch and movie, we went shopping!! And that was the starting of the cam whoring session at every corner of midvalley. Thanks for Nawal’s Sony Digital SLR ! haha…



After cam-whoring for nearly 3 hours, we hunger for food again… An embarrassing and irritating incident happened before we went to Madam Kuan’s. We usually went inside a malay food chain restaurant, “Laksa Shack”. 8 of us walked in into their restaurant had brought happiness to the workers. They served us well, with the out burst amount of enthusiasm by arranging table and chairs, handing over the menus and waiting for our orders.

(flipping through the menus)
desmond: nasi lemak rm16.90?! might as well go madam kuan’s??

friends: owh?

desmond: yeah, kuan’s price even lower lo. rm14.90 only leh. what so special about this o?
(but then i regretted on my suggestion.. =.=)

friends: erm… ok a!

(when we almost reached an agreement to change place..)
favian: let me go out first!!!!!!

*here the embarrasing moment took place*

one of their staff: TERIMA KASIH YA!!!! *with loud*

*everyone’s attention diverted to us.. staring at us with evil smiling!*


*feel like digging a hole and get my head buried* i am SO FISH AR!!!

In Madam Kuan’s, there was another incident happened which really really ruined our mood!!
i know Madam Kuan’s is doing quite well in their business, and it is a restaurant that famous of their nasi lemak and nasi bojari. BUT, your employee had jus kick your ass! First, your food is jus delicious, not regarded as first class nasi lemak anyway, and your demand is kinda elastic because there is another substitute of your restaurant which located in Jalan Imbi, Sakura Restaurant, your customer may jus shift there if they really wanna penalize you.   OMG!!  why the Mr.TakingOrder showing me a shity face? His face was like telling me that i owe him rm10.34 !! I DOUBT SO! Even though you might having PMS, but you shouldn't show us in any sense. In a service sector, “always wear a smile on your face” when dealing with is the MOST important thing. No other reason, but just we are your CUSTOMER!!


Nasi Bojari ($20.90) and a Ais Kacang ($6.90) for me.


Nasi Lemak (14.90) and a Ice Kacang (6.90) for Nawal.


Nasi Lemak ($14.90) for favian


Noodles ($8.90) for Mamah


Braised Chicken Noodles ($8.90) for Hakim


Nasi Lemak ($14.90) for Lydia


p/s: i really have fun with you all! Looking forward to another outing!!

*oh ya, our genting trip is coming!! ahha…*

Monday, January 12, 2009

[non-food-post #7] status update

hahaha… jus finished my BUSINESS LAW PAPER!!!

One more to go!!!!

by 11 am, 14th January 2009, i will start preparing for CNY!!!



Thursday, January 8, 2009

[non-food-post #6] Status Update

Dear readers,

All foodies are currently having their semester final exam now.

We will update as soon as we finished our exam!!

Sorry for any inconvenience occurred! ^^


Best regards,