Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where's the best place for Chendol in Penang?

If you're new to Penang, you'll be asking around for where to go - best place for Chendol. There's only 1 place for Chendol (the best one) in Penang... which is the chendol stall at Penang Road. It's located beside a kopitiam lane. Last week, Me, Graeme & Chern Ta went for a bowl of the famous Chendol.

When you're there, you'll see 2 chendol stalls right opposite each other! It's confusing! Beware of the fake one, and go for the genuine one only. (unless you want to taste the fake & then the genuine one).

What to do when you see 2 chendol stalls and not knowing how to identify which one is the real one?
1. Take a good look at the stall. Go for the one that has and shows a picture of Phua Chu Kang & Rosie eating chendol at the stall.
2. Another option is to stand there, and wait. Wait for awhile and see which stall is flocked with customers. (the imitation one, don't really have customers one)

Still confused? OK. Let us here, OnlyFoodie show you the picture of the stall, lest you get confuse and go to the wrong stall. You see a pic of Phua Chu Kang & Rosie?

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendol

The chendol costs RM1.80 for a normal bowl. (that was before the price of fuel increases to RM2.70 per litre la, now for the latest price, I don't know di. LOL). It's nice, the santan, red beans, green thing, etc. And the best of it all? You stand at the roadside while eating your bowl of chendol!

Like this :
Me, Chern Ta & Graeme

Here I am, strongly recommend you to try out the best chendol in town when you're in Penang. After eating, you can take some old school photos too, of rows of old style shophouses, Komtar, pedestrians, etc... Like this : (vain Chern Ta)

(no, this coffee shop is not the one that sells chendol)

foodie - Rachael Lim 007 (james bond! lol)

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  1. Taiping also have famous Chendol. 2 stalls infact. See here.