Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Krispy Kreme @ Times Square

IMG_1201On the 24th of April, the awaiting Krispy Kreme has finally arrived in Malaysia. I think students who gone through foundation business in UNMC Years 2007 would definitely familiar with Krispy Kreme! Krispy Kreme, the finest doughnut in Malaysia.

IMG_1182Me and Danial went over Times Square later than the projected timing. That was because we had not transport at first, but coincidently he was going KL to get his Baju Melayu, so…. WHEE!!!
I felt *shock* when reaching there… SO ducking alot human standing there!!!! OH GOSH!  i think our wanna-be-first-300-customer dream GONE !!!!!

IMG_1183 IMG_1184
Without second thought, we made ourselves part of the queuing line as fast as possible! After 15 minutes, i saw their crew holding some doughnuts… I was wondering whether those doughnuts were meant for some VIP big time guy at the other end of the queue or whatever. Who knows…. THEY ACTUALLY GIVING OUT THEIR ORIGINAL GLAZE DOUGHNUTS to us!!!

IMG_1185YES!!! The doughnut man jus few steps from me!! and in 10 seconds time, i ll be enjoying my dream doughnuts!! haha!

IMG_1192 IMG_1188
ahha, as usual, posing before eating!  Well, i look a liltle bit sleepy.. but WHO CARES!!

IMG_1190 IMG_1189
Wow… it jus so… beautiful!! isn’t it?

IMG_1191 IMG_1193
I STUNNED…. after my first bite! It just so soft!!!!
You gonna experience it by yourself!  REWARD YOUR TASTEBUD!

IMG_1196 IMG_1199
After shocking, astounding, and whatever galvanic feel. We back to reality -----> QUEUING =.=

IMG_1202 IMG_1205
After enjoying polluted KL air for almost 1 hour plus.. we finally approaching the entrance!! WOAHA!

IMG_1206 IMG_1207
Well… it didn’t cheer me up after seeing another LOOOOOONG queue in the shop…

IMG_1211They have up to 15 types of choices!


IMG_1210For me, i still prefer original glaze, no other! =)


Before going back, we bought a dozen of them for my some of my course mate. ^^

feedback wise, i have got some negative feedback about doughnut is too sweet!! BUT, generally, people still love it!!! MUAKS!


  1. yum yum!!! u make me crave for it!!! cant wait to go london to get it!!

  2. lol... i normally use food to distress myself!!!
    i not sure whether i could get a better result in my test, but my body weight sure damn good afterall! lols..