Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank You

I wanna give u guys a BIG HUG!! I LOVE U!!

Part 1
Ikan Bakar for lunch
[Aipeng, Fav, Famien, Yanz, Joanne, Sau Liang]

 Part 2 
 RedBox With UniMates
[Ailyn, Jess, Liching, Famien, Sherlyn, Pui Yee, Ai Peng, Favian, Jee Wei, Jun Wong, Yanz, Ann, Yun Er]

Part 3
Dinner at Alexis
[ABon, Siwen, Poh Kim, Juicy, Siao Chian, Yanz, Tau Shen, Marlson, Miwang, Kok Fung, Han Ming, Ah Lut, Louise]

Part 21 
Dinner at Shabu-Shabu Kuchai Lama
[ Jess, Liching, Ai Peng, Favian, Jee Wei, Jun Wong, Yanz, Sau Liang, Yee Ping, Joanne, Chel Gee, Hanming, Vincent, Ji Liang, Heng Chia, Max, Pui Yee, Peyyu]

Part 4
Dinner at New York New York
[Mr and Mrs Chua, Jian Pei, Jian Bin, Jian Bang]

  Part 5
Dinner at Seoul Garden
[Andy, Dickson, King, Belinda, Shan Shan, Megumi, Samuel,Veron]

Kiehl’s from family and Polo-T from Uncle!!


Bvlgari AQVA Parfums from my high school gang aka The Outing Kaki(s), now is my favourite!!
Personal Diary from Jhen! She’s  just so caring!! haha

A handmade Birthday Card from LingYok, LooWern, Jessica, Liching!!!

A card from Sara, Tiscra the Tortoise, Suwen, ChernTa, Jonathan Wong and Rachael Lim
Racheal wanted to send atomic fart to me when asking my address!!
WAIT! Did you fart on this card???

A handmade cookies from her, she wants to stay anonymous. (tho i din get her point)

. . . . . .  . .And all wishes on facebook , SMS, and birthday calls!! =)))))

This will be my last post for Year 2009.  Happy NEw year!!

p/s: I am going to celebrate new year with my Outing kaki(s) tonite!! see you guys in 2010!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

now, i am 21years and 1month old- 5

Merry Xmas and happy new year!! Last but not least, my roommates, together with some of their year 1 gang, also celebrate my bday with me. haha! I feel so honoured!! That night, all the way from Semenyih, drove to Bandar Utama to have a simple dinner together. We wanted to go Pick and Brew one, unfortunately, it has closed down since 1st November, AWWW!! After that, we were struggling between TGI or Seoul Garden; well, “Anything” was the standard answer from all my roommates. Coin flipped, we went into the Korean BBQ restaurant. SEOUL GARDEN

IMG_4204The unofficial and unpaid ambassador. –,-

IMG_4175Well, their slogan: THE TABLE BARBEQUE PEOPLE.   
*saw that black-hole in the middle? know its function??*

This is basically a all you can eat barbeque buffet. Prepare a blank stomach before you go.




Varieties of sauce. I loved their SG SPECIAL sauce!!


All you can grill and cook


This was the way we barbequed our stuff, they have unlimited supply of beef, chicken, prawn, lamb , seafood, fish.. WOW! We took darn alot alot alot alot!! 
In the middle, they provide you shabu-shabu-style aka you can have them 2 in one.
Grill at the side, and dip in the middle.


Whole range of Yong Tau fu



IMG_4180Their fried rice and seafood noodle was awesome!! But then,i think that was a trap!!! Please be noted that, do not eat rice at the beginning. Cause it will make you full!!! But then, the rice was so irresistible until i taken 3 plates.. @.@

Some random photos…

IMG_4186 IMG_4187

IMG_4190 IMG_4193

P/S": It is adviced that you grilled it thoroughly, otherwise, you will probably get stomach-ache on the next day.

Friday, December 25, 2009

now, i am 21years and 1month old - 4

DSC01562waa! If you follow my blog, i think you should know how many times i been blogging about this already! haha.. I still love their food very much. Although recently i found out, their pricing abit similar with Chilli’s pricing! As in, it jus cost us a similar amount when we dined in Chili’s and NewYork. 


My youngest brother, he is getting chubbier and chubbier! I think he is one of the Biggest Size in his class! xD
I only eat 6 meal a day, to him, how many meals also wont be a problem! =P Again, me and my Fish and Chips. Aww… desmond, please lar, everytime eat fish and chips, not boring mer? LOL… ThATS MY FAV LAA!!

IMG_4166 IMG_4159
My father with his Terriyaki Chicken. Miwang said my father very “yeng”. lolx!
oh ya, that on the right one is Mrs Chua, my mom!! haha..

This is my form 5 brother! One thing i admire him the most is, he can score very high marks w/o me seeing him study alot!!! LOL.. How i wish i could have this kind of… POWER!
*mayb while he study very hard at night, i was facebooking or probably fishing in dream!!*

IMG_4169 IMG_4167
This is my form 2 brother! Very demanding one leh! =P

IMG_4165 IMG_4164
See, this small little kid having ADULT’s portion!! After dinner, he told us he was still hungry!!!!!!  @.@

P/s: While having conversation with the manager, he told us that, if anyone can finish their GIANT YANKI BUEGER and FRIES within an hour alone, they wont charge you a single penny!! Curious about GIant Yanki Burger?



Monday, December 14, 2009

now, i am 21years and 1month old - 3

Alexis, i heard of their Tiramisu cake from Jonathan Wong, one of my very-high-demand-on-food-quality-and-price-friend!!  He used to tell me how delicious their tiramisu was!! It just made my saliva drop..
Well, i had tried their tiramisu earlier when i was working for Mastercard in Midvalley. Me, dickson, and Shao Nian spent rm10 for our 3pm tea time over there, and it cost us rm10 per person!! ( it was a bit pain bcoz i was only earning rm6.67 per hour) !! @.@


I celebrated my birthday with my high school gang, also known as “The Outing Kaki(s)”, on the friday of that week. I also not sure why Alexis was chosen.. and it is pricy for students!


(read from the left)
KerShin aka Juicy, Siow Chian, Siwen, PohKim aka future PM, Ah Bon, Han Ming, Kok Fong and Yanz


(From the left)
HanMing, Kok Fong, Yanz, Me, Tao Shen, Mi Wang and Marlson (abit blurr out)

IMG_4121 IMG_4137
Tagliattlle with duck rm32
Home-made pasta with duck ragu, grilled parmesan and basil

IMG_4123Spaghetti Carbonara rm32
Creamy egg based sauce with beef bacon & mushroom


IMG_4126 IMG_4138
Linguine Vongole rm32
Clams, chardonnay & sliced basil

IMG_4127 IMG_4132
Fish and Chips rm30
Dory Fillet, french fries & tartare sauce


Hot Chocolate rm10.50
Served with white and brown sugar

IMG_4133 IMG_4131
Linguine with pesto rm28
Basil pesto @ sunflower seeds

IMG_4134 Fish and Chips rm30
Dory Fillet, french fries & tartare sauce

IMG_4136 Fish and Chips rm30
Dory Fillet, french fries & tartare sauce


Some of the birthday cakes: Plain Cheese Cake, Bittersweet cake, Nutty Meringue, and 2 tiramisu
It doesnt matter that you must order one slice for each person, cause their cake selling for rm15 each.
So, you can always order 2 pieces and share with 3 person.


 I received a bday present which i like the most now and a card designed by siao wei that full of.. BULL!! LOL


Before ciao, a group photo!! *erm… that lady was so awkward* haha


customer service: i would like to do a little comment on their service. Customer service is so darn important for a restaurant. It doesn’t mean that you have a 5 star quality food and you can piss off customer. In my case, every time i wanted to make any extra order, i would need to life up my hand for A WHILE, and no one approached me. I ended up turn my head and try to have eye contact with them. But they seems so BUSY?!!! OMG!!  Alexis, you are a well known restaurant, and you must expect huge amount of customer, and you definitely do not want to piss off any Datuk or Puan Sri right? ( Yea, we are just students and we can do nothing further but ranting here.) Who knows one day, we are of of those “Title” owner? =)

Food quality: Personally, if you are heading for spaghetti, i wouldn’t recommend you here. And one more thing, those who read my blog, mostly are students and i would recommend them to Delicious for their spaghetti but Alexis. In Delicious, their price is like 45% cheaper than Alexis.

but..GOOD THING about Alexis is their Cake!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! SO IRRESISTABLE!! YOU MUST TRY!

p/p/s: i recently found out Alexis cake’s supplier from a friend =P