Monday, September 15, 2008

旺角 。。。 一点都不旺

L&G, i abit upset with my lunch just now... It was below my expectation tho...
i already din expect much on that, bcoz 80% of my frens who tried WongKok also given them a not-that-delicious grade... anyhow.. how come u cant even pass my min point??!! OMG!

well, if u do understand mandarin, i guess u know what m goin to discuss about. Lets translate the title into english. 旺角 means the name of the restaurant, WONG KOK; and 一点都不旺 means that restaurant totally not ONG (in hokkien speaking)...
why i say so?? =(

Well, WongKok no longer a new term for HK style restaurant in klang valley, it has established quite a long time d, but i had no chance to try it out. all because i m kinda a stubborn fellow, once i tried a nice restaurant, ll jus stick to it for a period of time. The only HK style i prefer is U-village in sgwang! mayb some of u do not agree with me, mayb u prefer KimGary, or even WongKok! lols.. This is ur choice!! =)

The advantage of this restaurant is, their interior design really impressed me!! u know, i was really surprised by their design, it is undeniable that this WongKok is the asia most uniquely designed HK style restaurant( according to them) . Somemore they have a really GREAT view to kl city center!! as what u see from photo!! U imagine, 31st december, sitting in this restaurant, enjoying ur meal n fireworks!! But just too bad, their foods arent that "great" as their view~

u know, to be a HK-style based restaurant, u shud know how to make a nice milk tea! This is a very BASIC drinks in HK ok??!! Their milk tea was too SWEET!! sth like.. drinking ais-kosong tambah manis! Secondly, i ordered a french fried rice + extra rice + fried egg. When the waiter served it to me, i was like :" #@$%@$, extra rice wor! what the xxxx why still so small portion one??!!!" well, after that i comfort myslef: " mayb HK ppl measurement is vary from msian... fine.." ( and that extra rice cost me rm3.5)

Bad thing doesnt end that fast... The rice is so000 sticky, totally same like when u put too much sauce into it n all rice stick together.. OMG!! was that suppose to be a fried rice??!!! Do u know fried rice suppose to be able to seperate it one by one!! ( haih....) , And they cant give any excuse that too many customer waiting n need to rush n bla bla bla... cause at that moment, less then 6 customer in that well-designed restaurant!!

so... please think twice when u are goin there for a meal... but if u goin there to gathering n hav some drink.... still consider as a good place..

WONG KOK, please upgrade ur standard time by time la. And ah-wong is ur ambassador leh, dun spoil his name!

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