Wednesday, January 23, 2008


well, today i dont have much time to prepare my dinner. coz i was so busy on9ing the whole day... haha..

actually i din know what core material my mom bought for today's dinner. she jus told me : "a fish"
erm.. i not really know about the specific name of that fish, but in cantonese it is called"hak cheong"

dun worry la, u can ask ur mom, aunty, or " yi ma gu jie " , i think they knew it, if not jus google it!! haha

i took me some time to name that dish.. hmm..

this type of cooking method jus unconsciously popped up in my mind when i started cooking. =), since my bro say it is delicious... so jus a simple yet complicated name --> "delicioueesFish" haha..
photos from different angle
this is very easy to cook! =) add oil!
difficulties : ** ( 2 star)
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  1. why always im reading your blog when im hungry. lol.or maybe ur blog made me feel hungry. lol..

  2. haha.. paiseh~~ then nex time b4 u view my blog, jus eat some snacks first ! lolzzz..!