Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Food in Nottingham UK

Hello everyone! Greetings from Nottingham UK's Jubilee Campus. Sorry that I've been M.I.A for ages! OK. Right now, I'm back with updates about food! (obviously) Haha.

The cafeteria/catered food over here is much better (and fattening too!) and they're feeding us (Sara & I) well over here.

We were provided with nutritious food - carbohydrates, protein, fats, calcium... etc for every meal. Breakfast - lunch - dinner.

On weekends, we have brunch instead of breakfast and then later lunch. Here's what I had on Sunday.

Tomato, Scrambled eggs, Beans, Mushrooms, Sausage & Bacon

accompanied with :

Green leaves salad!
Then on weekdays, we were provided 3 meals a day.

Let me first start off with breakfast.

For breakfast, we were given 5-6 choices of cereals to choose from, and milk. There's also croissants and butter, jams, toast breads too - white plain bread & wholemeal bread. In addition, there's also hard boiled eggs, orange juice, fruits - apple, banana, oranges, coffee, tea, white coffee

This is what I had for breakfast today :

Chocolate cereal with milk, white coffee, 2 hard boiled eggs


a piece of toast bread with jam.

You can have unlimited toast bread that you want and all... It seems like there's no limit for breakfast.

Lunch time, I had....

Everything vege! No meat.
Orange juice, Garden salad, fried potatoes & some vege thingy. (Ling Yok! I'm joining your vege team! lol)

Then for dinner....

Banana, Orange juice, Spanish style potatoes, Garden salad & Salmon Pasta.

I didn't take dessert today...

My friend's dessert was :

HAHA JUST JOKING. This is something disgusting. Mixed with some stuffs. Yuck. Totally inedible!

Tell me.. how can you not get fat with all those food?

Okay, that's all for my meals today (06.10.2008) and I'll be back for mooooore updates soon! Stay tuned!


  1. WOW!!!! it looks much more nicer than here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T

  2. haha!! its like eating at dome, fish & co, chillis everyday...

  3. hahah... better than SA cafe ayam goreng n curry chicken lo!! at least -->BRANDED<-- dome, chillis.. lols..

  4. It's nice than the sa food here..alot better!
    hope that our sa food also have some dishes like u guys have over there..
    now here the sa food is even worst than last year..not much choices at all.

  5. yeah!!!! no more roti canai... no more yee mee!! aikhs...
    but sa upstairs quite nice!!! the price.. abit over... ><