Friday, October 24, 2008

Thai disappointment

What I’m about to show you, may look appetizing on the outside but once you chew on the food, I’m sure the first thing that comes to ur mind will be:

  • Is the prawn expired??? (see, nv heard before prawn can expire leh) or,
  • ‘Wah! that vege is older than my great-grandfather leh!’
  • Or even, ‘holy crap! this crab is crab or not one??? Like taufu!'
People residing in Pandan Jaya or Pandan Indah area may know this place. a thai restaurant in Taman Cempaka, the name is Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ. it's not air-conditioned, a typical restaurant layout and doesnt really have very pleasant outlook. abit worn out.

anyways, that's not the point. i definitely dont mind if the place doesnt have nice view and stuff. i aim only at the food.
We used to go there 6 years back or perhaps more when we still resided in Pandan Indah. it's either my taste in food has gone another level up or the food quality has gone down, cuz honestly, the food is so-so only.

Let's start off with the 'yao za guai'-like appetizer. one small stall selling this within the restaurant compound, we used to order whenever we ate there last time, so this time, nostalgically, we did the same, in search of the old satisfaction we used to get
, hoping the same plate of 'yao za guai' would still be able to lure our taste bud to keep wanting for more.
but dunno why, somehow the taste is different. and it's not that nice anymore. oh, and this has to be served with some kaya. hav to dip in the kaya otherwise it will be tasteless.

ok, so we thought maybe that stall changed the seller, or changed the ingredient. so no comment.

as it turns out, nothing is ever the same again.

Thai is famous for sweet kaki ayam. this one is still ok, not too bad.

Then we had one big plate of fried rice. it's rather tasteless, and the prawns they put in, it's so NOT fresh! kinda destroy the overall taste of the rice.

then this plate of vege, my god! the corn-like thing, it's so damn hard! i could hardly chew it!

then we ordered fried sotong, this one, so-so only.

here comes the tomyam soup. this is the only thing i like.

then some crabs. i didnt taste this, but my dad and mum and sis did. it's so not fresh!

the fish, ok-ok.

then we had glass noddle. the taste is the same like the sweet kaki ayam. and sorry for this pic, this is actually the leftover. no mood to take pic anymore after tasting all the food.

frankly, i wont discourage anyone from trying, different ppl hav different preference, maybe u will like it cuz from what i see, the customers are quite alot. maybe nowadays ppl prefer not-fresh.

only the tomyam soup and fish were sapu habis, the rest, esp the crab, we barely touched. and my sis who happened to eat the crab, she got stomachache the next day!

went all the way there in high hope and came back in disappointments and grunts, and we were stuck in the traffic on the way back somemore. this makan experience, so not worth it.

rating: 5.5/10. i give another 0.5 cuz the serving per dish is quite fast.

i say, 'dont come dont come'.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the roadside one?? and beside the restaurant there are some parking space one?? OMG!!!!!! there use to be one of the nice-tomyam n yao char guai wor!! OMG!! reli that no quality d?? u know... mayb they concerning the quantity of customer rather than quality... sigh!!

  2. yup yup! at the roadsite got open air parking space! u eat there b4?? it's quite famous one but i dunno what happened we went and makan the other day,like no quality like that, everything not fresh! tsk tsk..

  3. ya it is quite famous one... sigh! it was few years back i went there! lols.. that time was still ok...
    now... tsk tsk...
    see when they zap lap la!!!!

  4. yaya, 6 years ago, we thought it was nice. mana tau, zhou yang liao..

    i doubt if they will zap lap, cuz still got quite alot of customers.

  5. the crab, n fried rice looked so dead... the friedrice got taste ah?

  6. hhahahaa...
    i think no.... coz they are dead!! ahhahaa....

    *not funny at all* LLLLAme...

  7. the fried rice dont really hav taste, but we just treated that like normal plain rice, eat with fish and vege still ok la..

    lol! sendiri laugh sendiri cakap lame..hahhah

  8. omg.. thats sad la! u might jus order plain rice! even cheaper n nicer!! haha... sigh... jus now i told my mom about that.. she also shock... haha

  9. hahahhaha
    come here! i can cook better fried rice! hahahaha