Friday, July 11, 2008

finally, a better foodcourt appeared!!

Hi foodie, finally i get to update an entry! i been working since the the 2nd of july, so i have not much time to update but i ll try my best to update as soon as possible!

About this entry, i feel so happy because i finally found a better foodcourt in Malaysia shopping mall! For me, i been feeling that there is no "eatable" food from food court! thus i would rather eat fastfood or pay more for fine dining! instead of foodcourt!

My experience tells me, MV foodcourt was suck, klcc foodcourt was suck and pricy and u ll pay around rm9-15 to have a complete meal. Actually not the matter of money, if i dun getting the equivalent value i paying, i might get mad n say: sun of a beach! (wei! what are u thinking??!!! )

Anyway, i found an foodcourt which is more interesting n serving better quality of foods.

Introducing, Pavillion Foodcourt

:: The Food Republic ::

Pavillion, located at Jalan Bukit Binting, which is known as the Golden Triangle area, is a recently opened high-end emporium! Well, it was financed by a local contruction company and The Kuwait Finance House. Kuwait Finance House, obviously from Kuwait, benefited from the petroleum industry that booming in this century! U can describe their source of income in this way, " kuwait oil, although it smells bad, but it smells like money, so every one love it! "

I think most of u knew where is StarHill Gallery, so not a problem for u to go Pavillion! hmm.. StarHill Gallery, i admit it really a veryvery high class place! lols... Compared to Pavillion, lesser people will go StarHill shopping, despite those high-end boutique, they dun provide cheaper food such as fastfood n etc. You will need to prepare an at least of rm80 for a couple to dine in in StarHill. So, jus go Pavillion if u not that rich! haha...

no matter either u are a great shopper with alot of disposable income or just a normal window shoper like me, u ll need food! lols... If u plan to hav a breakfast in Pavillion, this is not bad!!

For me, i currently working in a boutique shop here, most of the day will be my breakfast d! lols... Not to say it is a healthy breakfast, but i do enjoy the feel eating it! u know, a set with YOU TIAO and Porridge is FANTASTIC!!! haha... somemore it cost only rm3.50

Another typical Malaysian breakfast, Nasi Lemak. U can also try in this restaurant Mdm. Kuan's. Mr. Rumour tells that the founder from Mdm. Kuan's was actually a chef in The Sakura at Jalan Imbi. A normal set costs around rm15.

After a satisfying breakfast, start SHOPPING!!! lols... Pavillion has more than 200 retails shop. GoGoGo! Now DKNY doin sales, logo bag 20%, womens n mens wear 30-40%.

DingDong~~ it is lunch time!! u may go level 1 and enjoy ur meal at The Food Republic!

Food Republic, or can say as food union, has a varieties of food! U may think,
" hey hey desmond, Food Republic is a foodcourt ma, for sure has a variety of food la!! what so special?? "
Hmm~ food in Pavillion, besides those typical foodcourt foods, they also having sth new, but most important, they are eatable! some of them are even delicious!! haha..

::western food::

:: Tepanyaki ::

This section selling fried carrot cake, owh-jian (fried oyster with eggs), prawn mee.
the price ranging from rm6 to rm8. I got to try this out because one of our customer, after buying bags from us, she took out rm200 treat us lunch~ then we jus dapao lo!! lols..

A japanese restaurant. I dun reli like jap food, u tried d tell me hows the food taste like~!

hmm... they famous of their XIAO LONG BAO, i think shud be okay! lols...

Well, after lunch, of coz continue shopping la!! ::Armani Exchange:: , their total sales really crazy, up to 50k per day! omg...can u imagine how many people buying their products!!?

Hmm, now is 3 o'clock tea time! U may go The Loft and have some bread n coffee. This is origin from Japan, for ur information, this bread shop is own by Tun Mahathir. This is the second branch, their HQ at Petronas Quay, Langkawi Island. Price ranging from rm9 to rm 30 (piece of bread and a cup of tea or coffee)

If u think The Loaf is kinda pricy, u may try this. Their soup not bad one!

Or, have some egg tart. I ll try this out, since they named themselve Hong Kong Egg Tart King!! lols... they are somehow quite confident about their egg tart! Hopefully they ll satisfied me!

After few hours of shopping, if u feeling tired, u may go Osim n "have a look at their product". Then u tell them u interested in their product and wanna try! u got a reason for urself to take a sit on it! that time, those promoter will starting to explain every single function of their massage chair! but.. u be smart a bit la, give some responsela! answers like "oh really?? great function! " are needed!! although a bit fake .. but respect them ma! lols... But... MAKE SURE u dun fall asleep! omg.. so paiseh!(lols.. m i being too evil?? lols.. please say NO)

okok, after U took advantage over Osim, continue shopping la, Mr/Ms Great Shopper! lols.

Dinner, u may also go Food Repiblic n hunt for some cheap food. But if u think u gonna have a better, or so called fine dining, no problem!

Spice Of India!! really attracted me, but i need to earn $$ before trying it! lols.. or...any sponsorship available?? hhhaa...

Tony Romas, they are doin promotion, kids are eat for FREE. Go check it out! Terms n Condition apply!

U may also take express lift to level 6, more food!!! U can go try try, i got not enuff $ to try! haha... i think not cheap lo! but, good food ma, no harm!!

Before leaving Pavillion, go grab some donuts!! haih, i wanna open J.Co also, there oways got a long long queue one!! sure $ $ come come!! hahaa...


  1. ur "sun of a beach"..hahahaha...

    it's just too bad that in the short run, i'm not capable of eating any of those food right now, only porridge..=P

    perhaps, intro about nice place for porridge!!! hahahhaa

  2. hhaha~ "sun of a beach", coz teacher always teach us hav to be a polite person!! lols...

    hmm... i ll intro if i go there!! there is a nice porridge somewhere near menara AIA~