Monday, July 21, 2008

HOMI Chicken Curry Puff

Today our VIP customer came our shop. Hmm...AGAIN~! lol... this lady, really a rich lady! lols... last time she came our shop n bought 3 bags in one shot...
i really got no idea what to do with that 3 bags~ lols... then today, another handbag! =.=
too much money d~ but i dun care la, non of my business oso.
First, i am not getting any commision from what she bought, n that one was her money! lols...
BUT, evitime she came also brought us some food~ lols...

This time, is Chicken Curry Puff~ hmm... this curry puff is different from what u bought from gerai mak cik at the roadside~ The SIZE is BIG! as u can see below~

OKAY, i wanna say sth about this CHICKEN curry puff!!! First thing, it smells nice, and is crispy enuff!! BUT.... since HOMI named their curry puff as CHICKEN curry puff, they shud at least put some chicken inside.... >>TOO BAD<<, none of us managed to bite any single chicken element~ lols... not even chicken atom or molecule~ =.=

If u interested, jus follow the address given. Or u can call them and ask for reservation!


  1. is that nice??

    cuz the one sold in MV sucks big time! even tho very big in portion, all i could taste was oil! the not fresh kinda oil. i think those in pasar sell better curry puff..=P

  2. hmm... i will give them 3 star which is average! lols... as what i written there, chicken curry puff but i couldnt eat any chicken also! is jus like... u order teh ice, they jus give u ice.. but without teh... (erm.. what a lame example!) haha...