Thursday, January 22, 2009


Here's one recommended chinese restaurant if you fancy some simple yet delicious chinese delicacies.

It is located at balakong, somewhere near Milwaukee Steak Corner shop.

As what the shop name suggests, the core attraction of this restaurant is none other than its fish (Fei Zhou Yu).

For a family of 6, the most common thing people do is do order perhaps one or two dishes of fish at max. however, it's a completely different phenomenon altogether ordering fish dishes in this restaurant. one fish for one family?? no way! one fish per person is correct!

dont worry, you wont over feed urself with one fish per person. in fact, before u know it, u're done eating the fish and find urself still peeling at the remaining flesh stuck at every part of the fish bone. providing you are a fish lover like me of course.

the type of cooking for the fish varies depending on customers' preferences. for me, i'd recommend the spicy one with chilies and gingers all over. HOT and delicious! sorta reminds me of Chan Sow Lin fish head restaurant. oh, and also the one shop i patronised in Gombak some time ago.

and of course, the other dishes are worth mentioning too!

depending on what type of delicacies you prefer. they have various of choices to choose from. if you're feeling a little bit healthy, can go for dishes like vege, taufu and all.

u can always ask the waitress to recommend you more dishes if you're clueless about what to order.

we ordered 10 dishes altogether! 5 fishes! and guess what, all left was just fish bone by the time we left! and the price, slightly over RM100 if i'm not mistaken.

anyway, at least it's more worthwhile than having to eat at some expensive steak house! =P

do give it a try.

rating: 7/10


  1. wahahah!! reli 5 fishes??!!! lols...
    oh ya, this restaurant came out in astro AEC i think..
    btw... slighlty 100++ is very very cheap leh!!!! i dun think so.. haha... i think 200++??

  2. wah li ching!
    enjoying food eh !!!
    U PPL EAT A LOT!!!!

  3. des: came out in AEC??? haha, i dont know, i hardly ever watch that channel..hehe..the price i'm not too sure it 200 plus or 100 plus, cuz went there about a month ago? but the fish dish one is not expensive i think? errr, rm15 per fish?? nvm, cant rmb..hehe...*makes a mental note to myself to rmb the price next time* lol.

    rl: we ppl mmg eat alot one, whole family go out, 7 ppl include maid, 1 male and 6 female, but have super big appetite! that's why u see i'm expanding like math equation! lol..=P

  4. yeah... it came out 2 weeks ago! lols...
    if rm100++ then very cheap lo!!!
    btw... sg long!! food heaven!!!! hahaa...
    i AGREE liching family has a BIG BIG appetite!!!!
    but.. who says u expanding like math equation?? i think u minimizing urself! lols