Friday, June 6, 2008

Crave for some Ice Kacang?

Ice kacang without durian ice cream

With the hot weather these days, one will crave for Ice Kacang.... it's cooling and yet sweet and nice, satisfying your appetite too.
Ice kacang with durian ice cream

Today, I'm going to recommend you an old school style Ice Kacang that we had last week. OK. At this point, you must be thinking - Ice kacang is ice kacang la, where got old school and what nots one??? YES I TELL YOU! There's a difference. This old school style of Ice Kacang is different from the ones you have. To have a taste of it - come on over!

2 bowls of ice kacang to be shared among us 3 - 1 with durian ice cream, another without durian ice cream. Old style bowl, old style spoon - everything so old style!

This old school style coffee shop is located along Komtar, Penang Road. It's not the same road as the chendol one. It's on the other side of the road and it's nearer to Komtar. This coffee shop is indeed a very old one. It's been there since the 1940's or 1950's till now and it has never been renovated (I think, looking at the settings and condition). The special thing about it is : the table and chairs. It's so old school, don't you think so?

Chern Ta & Graeme. Old school tables & chairs

Besides Ice Kacang, this shop is very famous for its durian ice cream too. It's 1-of-a-kind-delicious.
Durian ice cream anyone?

Food gossip : Somewhere last year, an australian old man, on his deathbed, craves for the durian ice cream from this coffee shop cause he said it's the best that he has ever tasted. (He used to be stationed in Penang while serving in the Army last time during/after WW2). So, the ice cream was packed then sent to him, but unfortunately, he passed away before the ice cream reaches him.

When you're at Penang Road, remember to go for the Chendol, Ice Kacang, and Lor Bak. At night, there's 1 famous nasi kandar stall too, somewhere opposite the police station at Penang Road.

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