Saturday, October 25, 2008

The flopsided sandwich

Out of boredom during summer holidays, I went to Cold Storage to do a bit of grocery shopping for my sandwich making session at home!

Ham shopping at Cold Storage

I shopped for cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese and ham. I went to the ham section @ Cold Storage and got 100grams of Honey Smoked Ham for RM12. My, my, hams are expensive these days. 100 grams is like 4-5 thin slices.

Back at home, I started the whole sandich thingy. This is my 2nd time making a sandwich. OK, my 1st time was in Form 1 during 1 of the lessons in Kemahiran Hidup - elektif.

Today, you're going to learn from me, yourss truly of how to make a Flopsided Ham & Cheese wholemeal sandwich. I must give it a very long name, so it'll sound unique. Hahahaha.

Ingredients :

Honey Smoked Ham. You don't have to cook it. Just wallop it on the bread and it's ready to be eaten!

Tomatoes, freshly sliced by yours truly


Chilli sauce (confession - I stole it from KFC actually and HEY its BRAND NEW. haha)

The overal ingredients - margarine (cause my house ran out of butter), cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, ham

Slice of the edges of the bread. It depends on your preference actually. I like mine without the sides.

Apply margarine on the wholemeal bread slice, and then add on with a piece of cheese and 2 slices of tomato

Next, add 2 slices of cucumber, then a piece of honey smoked ham, and another 2 slices of cucumber

Being very ambitious, I stacked my sandwich higher and higher...

To end it, I put on another slice of cheese.

My end result of sandwich :

My high & ambitious sandwich - Which turned out to be flopsided... HAHAHA. Stop laughing you!

Bon appetit!

Overall ingredients used : 2 pieces of cheese, 2 pieces of whole meal bread slice, 4 slices of tomatoes, 2 slices of cucumber, margarine, chilli sauce and 1 piece of honey smoked ham.

Start making your own sandwich now, with whatever ingredients you like! Just wallop them all on and eat it! Haha


  1. i only apply butter whenever i eat bread. haha..i'm too lazy to make sandmich even tho it's simple. when u come back, make sandwich for me, i wan to eat rachael lim punya self-made sandwich..haha..

  2. haha li ching.. are u very sure u wanna eat my sandwich? my sandwich is flopsided one wor... senget one.. haha but tasty! hoho perasan!
    when i come back, i can make you anything! hahaha the only thing is whether ur brave enough to eat it!