Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fong Lye @ The Garden

Ladies n gentleman! first of all... reli paiseh i din update foodie for almost a week! That was bcoz bla bla bla~ ( desmond, this is not an excuse anyway~ ) lol... Nola.. coz currently busying for EURO 2008~ :p astro supersport channel 816, 817,....

Today, after i went pavillion for some personal stuff, i bump into mv to watch movie. Erm.. actually i supposed to accompany my fren to buy his stuff, and i only planned to watch movie and some nice food~!! Unfortunately the story ended up in this way, he din manage to buy anything.. =.= mayb can say in this way.. none of the product in mv was successfully macthed his style...( wow... foodie who reading this sentence, dun get mad ya!) haha...and i suddenly rmb i got some boutique voucher to use, so the result was i bought a shirt which i not expexted to get and we watched The Incredible Hulk. haha... see... today.. i got my plan done~

All and all... any further information jus talk to me individually ba~ lol... BACK!
this restaurant located at The Garden 4th floor (i think... do not rmb d.. lol..) erm, for ur imformation, u will have to passby this restaurant while on ur way to The Garden Signature! It jus beside the escalator~ that time was around 4 sth d.. so i jus plan to eat a little bit only~

Below are some of their menu~

this one.. quite funny! haha... if u are hokkien and u know mandarin, then u will know the funny part! hahah... Hokkienese, a song title rite? lol...

i spotted this.. taiwan burger??!! wow... coz so far oni available for me in TVBS. @.@

from my observation, for taiwanese restaurant, they will print out what u have already ordered in a "priceless" receipt~ erm.. dun get confused, jus a "receipt style" checklist but without the price oni~
foodie-hase introducing Fong Lye foods with his professional effort~ haha... As long as food infront of desmond, he will be very happee d! lol... *smileeee.. cheeeeezeee*

this is how Fong Lye interior looks like~
and this fellow ar... He is Mr Yanz!! the one who always accompany me go try foods! terima kasih~!! i wonder whether he is too dark or Fong Lye lightning problem ar?

another funny thing is, i tot milk tea in france style is different from those milk tea in HongKong Restaurant like KimGary or U-village.. mana tahu... lolss... was exactly the same... mayb they use brown sugar la... taste slightly better (i think it can be considered as a marketing strategy- consumer psychology part).. actual look as below ~ @.@

WHOA~!! my order! Taiwan Hambuger!! hahaha...
i been looking for this dunno how many decades d! coz.. i nvr been to taiwan to try this, n oni can watch from TVBS~ lol..
They served with a nice plate~!! lol...
~truth revealed~
~yanz order~
according to him, bside main course, those side dishes were vey delicious too~!
"eh yanz, camera over here eh..."
he was enjoying his taiwan style ABC


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