Thursday, October 2, 2008

old time breakfast~

Although it was a simple breakfast, but i enjoy eating it! It has been a long time i din have such simple and nice breakfast, a bun with frozen butter and kaya!! what i usually eat was nasi lemak, mee goreng, bak kut teh, chee cheong fun and heavy breakfast.. no wonder i am physically heavy too =.=

Inspired by ah-xian from astro channel 301, we decided to have some old-style breakfast! So we jus bumped into rawang downtown in the early morning! ** hello jhen, i passed by ur house! **

Rawang, further down from selayang, which not much differences as compared with few years ago~

i have tried my best to look for the name of the kopitiam.. obviously it is a name-less kopitiam~

this is the first time i visit this kopitiam, surprisingly FULL HOUSE. I wonder reli that nice?? and..when i first stepped into it, all are aunties and uncles! i feelling so YOUNG inside! haha

Kopitiam with some n-years-ago furnitures and electrical goods

This is my FAVOURITE!!!! lols... half boiled eggs with soya sauce and pepper powder! Yummy!

hmm, this kopitiam located right opposite Poloklinik & Surgeri Jit. u may ask ur frens who stays in rawang for exact location~

This kopitiam actually not that nice, their milo is too sweet for me and kopi-o is sweet and tasteless.... i wonder why there are still so many customer coming in... Mayb jus the old-style feel?? or mayb like what i said in the beginning: " Although it was a simple breakfast, but i enjoy eating it... "

Some starchef keep looking for another greater taste and thus making the taste more and more complicating... but, i wonder how many people can remember the exact taste of 5Star dish from those 5star restaurant?? but, u sure know the taste of a half boiled egg! ^^

After that was around 8.45 morning, then we went bandar country homes for this Jin-Long-Bao. It was even more quiet in Bandar Country Homes! lols..can consider here as a place for retirement! =)

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