Saturday, October 11, 2008

To know her name

A: wait! is this

B: omg! who's that girl?? desmond's gf???

A: eh, i dont think so la, desmond has better taste, he can do better, cant be cant be!

C: yerrrr, she got braces leh! which corner of the world is she from?

D: NO NO! i think she's foodie hacker!! OH NO! desmond's blog got hacked!


hey foodie ardent supporters, dont panic, you're on the right page. Her name is Seah Li Ching, and she is officially another co-partner of! that is of course, upon Desmond invitation and she is very honoured to be one.

now, everyone stops by here mostly to stalk have a look at what desmond or other foodie partner have to offer about nice food or sometimes food that lacks quality control. here i am, with the same intention, to share to everyone nice, delectable, appetizing, delicious, yummy and tasty food. (but if you stop by just to take a peep at our beloved desmond that is of course, different story la)

I am not lying when i say i'm very particular when it comes to food. nope, i'm not picky in food-choosing. i eat whatever that is given to me be it delicious or not really so. as a perspective of a person who eats to survive, i'm not fussy in eating. however, once i'm given the chance to give my opinion on food, i can be very fastidious about it. ok, to make your life less miserable, i explain it in simple way.

There, one plate of Asam Laksa is put right in front of me and i'm asked to finish it.

Ok, i'll eat it, swallow it, and not give a single comment as long i'm full.

If someone happens to ask me 'so, how do you think of the Laksa?' this is where the finicky comes into picture. i'll start telling you what that bowl of Laksa lacks of, how the taste shud be like this instead of that.

so my philosophy of food is that, by chance, i'll accept what i eat; by choice, i'll demand it to be not just edible, but something that makes me come back for more.

hang in there! i'll be back with hopefully more entries about finger-licking good stuff!

Li Ching,
Your new foodie co-blogger.

p/s: if you must know, she's not desmond's gf but rather, coursemate. so female fans, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. and about the corner of the world she's from, cheras is the answer. she aint no computer hacker but a computer novice. =P


  1. wah!! rl, later she sue u!! hahaa...

  2. haha later she sue me under civil law...
    cause i "injure" her feelings by accusing her and then she wants to be compensated/award remedy for that.
    oh my!!!

  3. not wife la, actually curi curi one, secret affair us...LOL!!

    now des is gonna sue me..=P

  4. oh my li ching!
    hahaha you're going to be a defendant soon! ahahha
    des is so gonna sue u under Civil law for unrighteous claims.
    hahhaha he is gonna sue you for an award/compensation remedy : which is , you really have to be his wife.
    haha since he has a balance of probabilities, i think he'll win. i'll be his witness.

    see you in court, oops! the wedding aisle, li ching!!!

  5. hahahaha!!! rl, u will receive my lawyer letter very soon.
    Desmond Chua v. Rachael Lim
    for a compensation of GBP 0.10!!

    wah.. liching..y i din realise we actually got curi-curi one?? i tot everyone knew bout it d?? lolsll