Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shin Ramyun

Shin Ramyun was my dinner yesterday, erm.. this noodle is common enuff for malaysian! lol... jus tell me if u totally dint know about this noodle.. i will show u my surprise look!! hahaa...
well, based on my own opinion, i found out they have improved their recepi.. coz, when i was in primary skol, i used to cook it for approx. 15 minutes to make it soft.. but now... jus like simple maggie mee...2 minutes gao dim!! they removed the uniqueness of this mee!

first of all, boil some water and put in the spice and dried vege , then noodle.

next, add an egg... it was as easy as abc.. lol...

when i almost done, cover it!! then u ll see the different on the size of the noodle.. lol..

it ll increase the size of the noodle for 5 - 10% !

enjoy ur meal!!! kamsahamida~

Monday, April 28, 2008


Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin and 22nd largest (by population) in the United States .The city is the country seat of Milwaukee country and is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. As of a revised 2006 U.S. Census estimate, Milwaukee had a population of 602,782. The city is the main cultural and economic center of the Milwaukee–Racine–Waukesha Metropolitan Area with a population of 1,773,519.

ahaha.. the Milwaukee i introducing below not in USA ya! lol...jus located somewhere in Balakong! We went there last thursday, reached there around 5.30pm, and for sure, we were their first customers!! i found the exterior of the building was somehow renovated and the interior was not bad. lol...


their menu~

i ordered Full Loaded Cordon Bleu and a glass of sprite

while i was looking at the menu, i saw this... nex time u may come here before ur date! Try *love of lavender* !! Hahaa…

here was the drink~ So tall??

that design was quite... ermm.. the glass was so tall and i felt it was quite difficult for me to drink leh..haha.. crap...

Cordon Bleu~ u have to add some mushroom sauce in order to make it taste better~

mushroom sauce~

i wonder why they wan to charge us for extra.. ~~ =.=

wowo....it looks nicer rite?? ( with sauce..*slurrpp*)

wah... can u see it?? the cheese melting leh!!! hahaa... omg.. so tempting!!

yanz ordered Charboiled Juicy Chicken Slick

we felt not really full .. so.. one more onion rings!

comment: well, i was told by my fren Milwaukee steak house is like Kaki-corner in cheras.. well, thus i din expect it will cost us $20.9 for a chicken chop. lol... if compared with Kaki-corner, they charge us around rm10+ oni. BUT, Milwaukee wor... so called US brand.. mayb they charge us according to the currency exchange rate! lol...

I have to admit that the environment, renovation and food was nice! So, you all can go and try then oni give me some comment about Milwaukee!! See ya!

Location: near Balakong Jusco. u can email me and i ll giv u the direction! =)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Carl's Junior

Wohoho... at last i tried Carl's Jr! Actually i get to know this burger thru my frens, they all were like:" that burger super big n expensive der! " , i was.. hmm~ really? lol... then today, after a mini movie marathon, Ah Long Pte Ltd and Forbidden Kingdom, we went Carl's Junior for our dinner.
This giant burger located somewhere near TGI Firday in old-wing 1u shopping center. Well, their pricing were quite "wow" ! haha.. of coz la... a burger oni wor... din expect it ll cost me rm22.5 each leh! lol..
Initially i still not sure how big the burger goin to be, jus saw the burger on those people table, not very big oni ma... thus, i placed my order : " a mushroom chicken combo " means double chicken. lol...
after that, we were waiting for carl's staff to serve us. On the table, i saw a brochure...

i was... omg.. really that big??? haha.. charm..

here was the burger, when it infront of me.. i was.. omg... ahha.. then i compared the burger with few things... eh.. really big leh...

firstly, i compared it with a blackpepper container. WOW... the height almost the same leh!!

if u still dun bliv me... i compared it with a large size softdrinks cup. It was half of it's height...

Haha... for those who yet to try out, let me "reveal" the secret look of the giant burger here for u!!

remove the wrapper..

taada~!!! this is the real looks...

wah... u see.. my hand cant even hold it properly!! hahaa...

after 10 minutes... omg... still got half way to go...

can u see the burger? bigger than my face! hahaha

onions ring~

They serve u with kind of "branded" chilli sauce. * HEINZ*

comment: well... i am sooo full after dinner with carl's jr. !!! really... it is worth to try ONCE... haha... i ll suggest u to share with ur dear or frens!! ahha... coz it is realy big! unless u think u can eat alot like me!! coz my fren almost surrender to the normal size Carl's Jr. burger... lol...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There always some reasons why my keep fit plan went failed again n again...

Well foodie, do not judge my entry by this display picture.. haha... i am not goin to promote diet to all of u... jus something which happen to me again n again...

hahaa.. diet diet diet!!! i been planning for diet since form 4! lol... coz i still not satisfy with my current condition.

When i was in primary skol, my weight gaining year by year... erm, positive relationship with the economy condition at that moment! Lol... u know, i used to have 80 kgs when i left primary skol!! after that, kept on increasing to the Absolute Maximum, 92kgs!

i tried very hard to maintain it untill form 2... really.. almost eviday i went on the weighing machine to keep track!! haha...

Erm.. i actually dint know why would i start diet so consistently during form 2. Consistantly...within 6 months, i kicked-out 23kgs fats from my body! ahaha...

anyhow, i have to keep fit now!! but.... i cant leh.. too many distractive objects (foods) surrounding me!!! ARH!!! nowadays... although i decided to diet.. but that plan will automatically turn off when foods appeared infront of me... i ll contradict myself: " nvm desmond, tml oni start bah! " =.=

haha...let me share some of my *eating habit* to u... all happened last sunday,within 24 hours..

well, i was chatting with my fren in msn.. that time already 2.15 am, half way thru, we were discussing where can eat supper besides mc, coz we kinda hungry d... then i suggested Nasi lemak Antarabangsa at Kampung Baru, KL. (i took a dinner around 8pm before that...)

This mamak stall establish since... dunno when. Lol... what i still rmb is i been eating it since standard 4! lol.... there were always so maaaany people queuing there!!!!

i ordered nasi lemak ayam goreng + sotong + telur rebus + nasi tambah + sambal lebih! haha... so satisfying leh!!!

their ayam goreng very special one lo! you will have to try it urself!!
well... what i mentioned above considered supper or breakfast? haha... i think no answer... coz it was abit too late for supper and abit too early for breakfast.... haha... well, after that we chit-chat till 5.30am then balik sleep lo!

That time i got up was 11:30am d.. haha... they we went here for lunch. Restoran Heng Hwat, sell duck rice one. Initially, the only duck rice tat recognised by me is that one in taman connought one. But after i tried this... wow... comparable!!! lol... somemore selayang near my hse, so i mostly switch there d..

i ordered a drumstick (ngap bei) + pork + xtra big rice! as u can see from that photo! =)
after that, i went to do my report, plus some maths reading and surf net... wow.. time passes so fast!!! at night , i went klang for my dinner.

OMG... why would i go all the way from kl to klang for dinner? lol... my *mom's relative's daughter's* wedding... lol... norr... that restaurant, V-Garden. I think Klangarian shud know that restaurant right?? well... i not goin to introduce one by one.. coz i think those food were common enuff in msia.. as if u are malaysian ya!!

four-hot-fun ( in canto speaking)

Shark fin soup

Little piggy

Dao dai cheong

Bak Cheok ha~

glutinuos rice

tell me what so special about this photo!!??

omg... i ate alot that night... lol... u see... actually i started my diet plan last week... but... unfortunately... haha....
that plan was forced to turn off again! lol....
nvm... i ll start my *another* diet plan nex week AGAIN... (comforting myself again) lol..