Saturday, April 19, 2008

Food Supply in Unimc Area

My One Week Food Supply in Uni of Nottingham Msia (UNiMC)

Well, i m currently studying in unimc, oh please, dun "wow" on this campus, because it doesnt deserve it! yes, it does has a better ranking and reputation among all the universities . It is somewhere rank at 70th in the world. BUT it doesnt mean everything!!! that ranking has nothing to do with, our core objective is to introduce as many food as possible! lol... do u wonder what food i eating eviday? let me show u one by one...

Entrance to SA Cafe

Our Students' Association Cafe is manage by Hartawan Dunia Sdn Bhd, where i dun feel good with them... They provide a variety of food. The cafe consists of western delight counter, buffet counter, a drinks counter, and waffle counter nearby the cafe. ( erm... regarding the hygiene matter, i ll skip it here in order to give some face to this cafe.. so... let them go this time! nex time only shoot them! ) haha...
( Top to bottom - Western Corner, Chicken rice and roti canai counter, buffet and drinks)
well, i ll start from sunday, last sunday i stayed back on campus, coz tons of assgS waiting for me to do!! I went gym early in the morning, this is because that time slot has zero people!! lol.. After that, i order a Singapore MeeHun from student's cafe at SA building and had it after i bathe.

I have no idea why they named it as Singapore Meehun,anyone from sg can justify that for me? it smells good and not that oily as i expected. Mayb they have changed their cooking style.. b4 this the meehun was so "shiny" *blinkblink" ... but sure ll increase ur belly fat! lol...

omg, that portion is VERY big u know? it was almosr 2x the size in admin block! and the price is only 3/4 admin's price. Aprox rm5 with telur goreng.

After a sg-style lunch, i went to do my assg.. well, i had my dinner around 7:30pm in SA cafe. omg... i dint know they got such a rediculous rule, the aircond will be turned off after 7:30pm to save electric!!!! what the.... why they so giam siap one!!! u know, tht time every1 like sweating... aih... unimc.. please la...

ok, that dinner i ordered toloku (i wasnt sure bout the correct spelling) as shown in the pic. lol... it was a mixture of 1 piece of roti kosong, sliced tomato, sliced onion, and some chicken curry.. it was not bad.


MONDAYYYY used to be a tiring and stressful day for me... my klaz started from 9am in the morning and ended at 4pm.. Klaz officially ended now! final test began after 3 weeks study break. well, after math klaz and english klaz in the morning, i had my lunch at 1pm in sa cafe AGAIN. Alot students chose to eat outside although they need to drive all the way to semenyih. but, i dun hav car, so... no choice!!!

i took a chicken wing and 2 portion of veges. It cost me around rm4.80. I din manage to give any complement on this food, as this food was jus meet the very basic standard, eatable.


After accounting klaz, i had 4 hours break time. So, few of us went to eat ban-mee in broga, a chinese village that students from unimc visit the most for lunch.

i ordered a XXL size ban-mee gon lou. erm, a noodles that mixed with black soya sauce lar... lol...

this is soup with vege and egg! nice...

Price: rm 5 for both


Last thurday was a horrible day for me. I was a walking zombie!!! omg, 3 assignments due in that day and we been rushing our assg since 8pm till 6am in the morning... i felt awake at 6.30 am.. so i planned not to sleep! lol... i was so hungry that time, thus i sms my fren whether he is sleeping.. mana tau... he still awake.. omg! lol... then we went out for our breakfast around 7 in the morning. i ordered a nasi lemak plus ayam goreng. I knew i shudnt eat that heavy after i burnt my midnight oil and felt so tired... but... nasi lemak.. yummy.. lol... so dun care lah!!!

Hase: " nasi lemak ayam satu, tambah telur goreng !" i feel so gud that time!! haha... although i knew something is goin to happen on me in the nex few hours... i think i body over exhaust and din manage to digest .. i felt so week... somemore that time was management klaz!

i spent my lunch time finalising and printing my assignments... when we handed up, 2pm d.. World Econ klaz started. Jon brought some sandwiches, i tried that one with eggs and some special mayonise ( according to him) lol

Oh gosh, i straight a way went back to sleep after klaz ended, tak tahan edi la. been awake for 24 hours... i actually ordered food cater from uncle chong in broga one, but i over slept!!! although i set the alarm d... sorry uncle.. jus too bad la...

I went out with yanz for my dinner at 1am.. lol...

i ordered a Nasi Goreng USA which din meet my requirement at Ibrahim Maju. I expect more from them. aih... i still prefer that one near Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Bukit Bintang. Dun think that place sure cost u alot, thats oni a normal mamak but really attracted me!! lol... i accidentally forgot to snap that nasi goreng, after that i ordered a side dish... lol.. ayam goreng.

and we chit chat till 2.30 in the morning... then balik lo!


Early in the morning, i received a call from jon, " what time we goin to finalise accounting and print it out?? " aih.. have to wake up jo!

i went sa makan breakfast, nothing special there, as usual, a roti canai counter and buffet counter there got mee goring, mee hun goreng and fried rice.

Wow.. finally gao dim evithing d! lol... feel quite relaxing!! haha... tonight i m goin to Gsc Paradiso at Garden Midvalley for rachael birthday! Bye !!

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