Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

The first weekend of May in every year is known as Mother's Day, due to a reason, we decided to celebrate it one week in advanced, 30th April, that was because 1st of May is a public holiday, no need so rush lo~
Our celebration is quite simple one, jus choose a restaurant and makan there! lol.. This year, we had our dinner at Restoran Rainbow Palace ( 五福门大饭店).

This restaurant is located at Campbell Complex at Jalan Dang Wangi. I think most of our parents knew the complex coz it has established quite a long time edi. U can easily spot that complex, a huge green colour Campbell Complex.

Campbell Complex

One thing, the entrance was abit funny! haha.. u can find the entrance at the 4th floor carpark!


This staircase leads you to the main dining area

Table setting

Well, lets look at the menu and i will show you the actual food. =) Regarding the translation problem, i ll try my best to translate one by one ya~ haha...


1. 特式四热荤 :: Four Special heat-Hun

Special Four Hot Dishes

Well,although i ate some pisang goreng n mee goreng before i came, i still reserved some space for that dinner! lol... i m ready!!

2. 蟹肉烩生翅 :: Shark Fins with Crab Meat

Shark Fins with Crab Meat * slurrp*

3. 糯米烤全猪 :: Glutinous Rice with Roasted Pig

Glutinous Rice with Roasted Pig

this roasted pig, with glutinuous rice served at the bottom. The pig wasn't that fat, means that it has a thinner layer of fat. So if u like this dish, so far here is the best place !

4. 清蒸斗鲳鱼 :: Steamed Doo Changyu

Steamed Doo Changyu

erm, nth special. A typical fish u also can eat at home~ mayb u dun have such a big plate~ ^^

5. 牡丹炸虾球 :: Peony Shrimp Ball

Peony Shrimp Ball

This Peony Shrimp Ball, they wrapped it with sliced potatoes and carrot, in the middle is a fresh prawn .. and deep fried it!! *crunch* wow.. that was my first time ~ love it!

6. 冬菇豆根芥兰花 :: (NIL)


that day, the portion really HUGE for every single dish!!!! so, when reaching this dish.. i 95% full d.. i got no idea why..

7. 参丝长寿面 :: (NIL)


desmond gambate~ u still can eat... lol...

8. Dessert

i'm so sorry... din manage to drink this anymore... coz i am FULL !!

Right after we left Campbell Complex, we went Times Square for bowling.. 3 games in a row.. omg.. now hand abit pain~!

Wanna Try??