Friday, February 1, 2008


well, today i did a test-cook on a dish that i din cook for a loooong time. i think the latest time i cook this dish was 2 years ago. i jus wanna prove i still remember the cooking method. well... the result told me...yea, u still remember! haha..

actually this dish was taught by my aunty Mary. She is a greeeat chef~! haha.. nex time got chance, i ll cook "mary-style" chicken cury and post it here! =)

about coarseSugarChicken, main ingredients are 2 chicken drumstick with thigh, 5 chili padi, coarse sugar and 5 pieces of sliced ginger.

first, u have to pour some* suger into non-stick pot and let them melt. after that put in all the chili padi and ginger, stir.

after that add chickens and cook for approximately 10 minutes.

another alternative way is, u can fried the chicken untill 80% done in advanced and then mix with melt sugar.

try it ya!!

p/s: about " some* " mentioned above, plz email me and get the right information.

difficulties: ** (2 stars)

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