Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There always some reasons why my keep fit plan went failed again n again...

Well foodie, do not judge my entry by this display picture.. haha... i am not goin to promote diet to all of u... jus something which happen to me again n again...

hahaa.. diet diet diet!!! i been planning for diet since form 4! lol... coz i still not satisfy with my current condition.

When i was in primary skol, my weight gaining year by year... erm, positive relationship with the economy condition at that moment! Lol... u know, i used to have 80 kgs when i left primary skol!! after that, kept on increasing to the Absolute Maximum, 92kgs!

i tried very hard to maintain it untill form 2... really.. almost eviday i went on the weighing machine to keep track!! haha...

Erm.. i actually dint know why would i start diet so consistently during form 2. Consistantly...within 6 months, i kicked-out 23kgs fats from my body! ahaha...

anyhow, i have to keep fit now!! but.... i cant leh.. too many distractive objects (foods) surrounding me!!! ARH!!! nowadays... although i decided to diet.. but that plan will automatically turn off when foods appeared infront of me... i ll contradict myself: " nvm desmond, tml oni start bah! " =.=

haha...let me share some of my *eating habit* to u... all happened last sunday,within 24 hours..

well, i was chatting with my fren in msn.. that time already 2.15 am, half way thru, we were discussing where can eat supper besides mc, coz we kinda hungry d... then i suggested Nasi lemak Antarabangsa at Kampung Baru, KL. (i took a dinner around 8pm before that...)

This mamak stall establish since... dunno when. Lol... what i still rmb is i been eating it since standard 4! lol.... there were always so maaaany people queuing there!!!!

i ordered nasi lemak ayam goreng + sotong + telur rebus + nasi tambah + sambal lebih! haha... so satisfying leh!!!

their ayam goreng very special one lo! you will have to try it urself!!
well... what i mentioned above considered supper or breakfast? haha... i think no answer... coz it was abit too late for supper and abit too early for breakfast.... haha... well, after that we chit-chat till 5.30am then balik sleep lo!

That time i got up was 11:30am d.. haha... they we went here for lunch. Restoran Heng Hwat, sell duck rice one. Initially, the only duck rice tat recognised by me is that one in taman connought one. But after i tried this... wow... comparable!!! lol... somemore selayang near my hse, so i mostly switch there d..

i ordered a drumstick (ngap bei) + pork + xtra big rice! as u can see from that photo! =)
after that, i went to do my report, plus some maths reading and surf net... wow.. time passes so fast!!! at night , i went klang for my dinner.

OMG... why would i go all the way from kl to klang for dinner? lol... my *mom's relative's daughter's* wedding... lol... norr... that restaurant, V-Garden. I think Klangarian shud know that restaurant right?? well... i not goin to introduce one by one.. coz i think those food were common enuff in msia.. as if u are malaysian ya!!

four-hot-fun ( in canto speaking)

Shark fin soup

Little piggy

Dao dai cheong

Bak Cheok ha~

glutinuos rice

tell me what so special about this photo!!??

omg... i ate alot that night... lol... u see... actually i started my diet plan last week... but... unfortunately... haha....
that plan was forced to turn off again! lol....
nvm... i ll start my *another* diet plan nex week AGAIN... (comforting myself again) lol..


  1. nasi lemak ayam goreng + sotong + telur rebus + nasi tambah + sambal lebih! supper eat so heavy nia~~~... not good de leh..
    hahahhaa... if i go out eat..i oso eat liao..den walk can siu fa it more fast ma~~~ ,,,,hahaha

  2. lol... i know not gud.. but that one is my fav food!! lol.. somemore i stay in hostel one... craving for that so looong time d!! ahah...
    i wanted to walk also... but if i chose to walk.. i think 2 days also cant reach home.. lol..