Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spaghetti GRILL @ MV

If i am not mistaken, I1c38 ( the abbreviation for my housemate) had another outing in a week before our study week begin. In that week, i had a dreary feel towards Mid Valley. Can you imagine visiting a same place for 3 days in a row… *oh Gosh*

IMG_0870Luckily, things that sustained me from the boredom feels is nice food. Spaghetti, was the last and only choice for us, that was because all other restaurants were full!! The name SPAGHETTI GRILL, sounds like a restaurant selling superb spaghetti right?

IMG_0861 IMG_0862
The driver of I1c38a, Andy Kosy, his scandalous female friend and his room mate.

IMG_0879 IMG_0880
Spaghetti is not a pure restaurant, it is sort of the combination of pub and restaurant.

IMG_0897 IMG_0898
Mocha rm12 :: Soup of the day

IMG_0901 IMG_0903 
-candy shot-

IMG_0906 IMG_0909
Grilled Leg of Lamb rm28.95
Marinated grilled leg of lamb served with mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of fresh veggies and a slice of garlic toast.
I love the mashed potatoes!!

IMG_0911 IMG_0916
Fish & Chips rm21.95
Deep fried dory fillet served with fries and a side of tartar sauce.
This wasn’t some ordinary fish and chips that can be found in Manhattan, the flesh is firmer and nice to bite!
Portion wise, i am pretty sure your stomach will get full!!

I cant recall the name.. But their chicken with cheese toping *thumbs up!!* :: btw, evasion is one of andy’s pro skill!!

 IMG_0926 IMG_0918
Dinner Set rm16.95
Consists of a soft drinks, soup of the day and a angel hair spaghetti.

IMG_0920 IMG_0924
Bolognaise Spaghetti rm27.95

p/s: overall, Spaghetti Grill serves nice food, providing nice ambience, i just felt that it was a little pricy for students like us! And if you intend to reward yourself or less money constraint, i highly recommend it!!
Enjoy ur day!

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