Sunday, April 4, 2010

Q Thai @ Kompleks Antarabangsa


Well, Thai food is always one of my favourites! Coz i love spicy food! On the 2/4, Emily acc me to get some stuff from Pavilion and Sg Wang. Well, i think she really into this outing, coz she even cut hair before meeting me! (i think i will be dead if she ever seen this!) ahahaha…

From her past experience, she recommended me this Thai Food, not to say recommend, more to she INSISTs to have this thai lunch because she really missed it! xD

Q-Thai is located in the Kenanga Investment Bank building which is right to the left of the Crown Plaza- Mutiara Hotel!

IMG_0700You can call her Emily/ LLL/ Triple L xD

IMG_0699   IMG_0698
Golden Thai Chicken Rice and Tomyam Soup rm10
Their golden chicken was not bad, i actually wanted to give a thumb up to their tom yam soup. Unfortunately, the prawn and squid inside the soup weren’t fresh enough and you can taste the fishy smells!! OMG!

You can call him desmond, CXX, Des and etc

IMG_0701 IMG_0698
Minced Chicken with Mint Leaves Rice + Tom Yam Soup rm10
Well, ordinary minced chicken with mint leaves rice.. Nothing more to describe.

IMG_0705  Deep Fried Squids rm15
This one, it was really really really CRISPY OUTSIDE but really really HARD INSIDE! @.@

Overall, it still not a bad place to go if you are craving for a budget thai food! And, not to forget their tomyam soup would be “close-to-perfect”  if  the fishy smell din exist!

p/s: looking forward to the “CLEAR TOMYAM” this saturday!!


  1. Mm..Hungry. And the price is reasonable after all. :)

  2. thanks jfook!

    yeah, their price is reasonable!
    if they ever charge higher price, i bet they would lose alot customer!