Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tapa Tapa, Barcelona

Mid September, I went to Barcelona with 3 of my flatmates who are also my coursemates and unimates.

Along the streets of La Ramblas, we spotted a famous Tapas restaurant, which was always packed with people. 

After visiting La Sagrada Familia (it was amazing), we took a cab and had lunch in Tapa Tapa.

Here are some pictures of La Sagrada Familia.
La Sagrada Familia, a marvelous masterpiece by Antonio Gaudi.


Entrance for La Sagrada Familia with a valid university id/ card costs €12.50, and inside, the interior is just amazing and Gaudi's a genius. I admire and appreciate much of his creativity, vision and works.

Anyway, back to Tapa Tapa.

Tapas in Spanish is known as appetizers, or snacks. I'm in love with Spanish food. I'd go for Spanish food anytime! :)


I ordered a can of Coke

An egg tapas to share, its from fresh egg-based mayonnaise in Spanish potato salad to scrambled eggs in Spanish omelets.

 The view infront of me. The restaurant was so packed, we had to sit at the bar area.

Seafood paella. This paella is not bad, it's actually quite good compared to the others we had in our previous meals. We just love paella. We basically ordered paella for our every meal. We wanted to try out the best paella. So far, the paella in Palma Mallorca is still the best, and that's our benchmark.

 Fries with garlic mayonnaise. The Spanish just had the awesome-mest garlic mayonnaise.

A kind of fried fish thingy.

Looks like chicken teriyaki though

Garlic mussels with fries

Total for the bill was around €50.

After lunch, we went to Casa Batllo, which was just opposite Tapa Tapa restaurant.

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