Friday, April 10, 2009

Li Jin Seafood Restaurant

Has anyone ever tried dining in any restaurant located right on the top floor of Pavilion shopping mall?? the supposedly fine dining area?

oh well, i had an experience over there once, in one of the many restaurants, namely the Li Jin seafood restaurant. as the name itself suggests, it's a chinese restaurant, and apparently they cater for wedding dinner function etc.

it's rather sad for me to say that, apart from the fine decor, nothing is too impression with what they serve.

i was there for relative's wedding dinner. we were served the typical wedding-dinner menu which consists of 8 dishes, so there isnt anything too special about that, i personally think every chinese restaurant that cater for such dinner serves the exact same food. even the quality is the same.

alright, i might wanna take back what i said. maybe the food quality and variety are better if any walk-in customers were to try on the non-wedding-dinner menu.

anyways, there's for you to find out. i'm here just to introduce to u readers out there the existence of such restaurant, if you havent already known that it.

some photos to show the dishes we had.

contact number. it's at level 6 by the way.

the menu

photo of me and my sisters. btw, i'm the one third from left, not the one in blue, in case u get confused. =P

till next.

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