Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ice Cream – Take 1 ! *help*

Dear readers,

My ice cream maker has finally landed in my house!! *hooray* i been waiting the arrival of it for ages!! haha.. well, follow the instruction given, i have clean it thoroughly to prevent food poisoning! lols..

Well, i would like to define my title for this entry, “Ice Cream – Take 1” ,

>>Ice Cream<< , that was what i wanted to make!

>>Take 1<< : I going to successfully make it in during my second attempt!!


I found this machine is so SEXY!! haha…


Semi-skimmed milk    : 300ml
Caster Sugar           : 75g
Double cream              : 325ml
Vanilla essence                  : few drops

[Problem 1: I wasn’t using the correct material! It was mainly because i couldn’t get DOUBLE CREAM in my area , so i use normal baking cream (WTH is double cream??) ;  and i doubt HL is half skimmed milk..]

STEP 1: Place the milk and sugar into a saucepan. Place over a low heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved.

[In step 1, Nothing can gone wrong right?]

STEP 2: Leave it until cold.

STEP 3: Stir the cream and vanilla essence into the cooled milk.

[Problem 2: Was that the correct way? Jus stir the cream..?]

STEP 4: Pour the mixture into the freezer bowl with the paddle running.

[Problem 3: well, the machine’s only motor is on the top part which only meant to remote the paddle.. I wonder another freezing engine missing at the bottom?? *blurr*]

Allow to freeze until the desires consistency is achieved!


PROBLEM:: what i want is ICE CREAM!!



Saturday, March 28, 2009

Steven’s TeaGarden @ Semenyih Tesco


Founded by K.Simon and Lalitha way back in 1977, Steven’s Corner started as a Mamak stall located at the Overseas Union Garden, off Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur. Steven’s Corner inadvertently derived became mainly from Silan ( a member of the operating the stall) being mispronounced as Steven, and the fact that the stall sat strategically at a shop corner, hence the name Steven’s Corner.

At first, Steven’s corner only served roti canai, teh tarik and mamak fried noodles. However, over the years it has added more varieties to its menu as customers’ demands and patronage increased. In 1985, Steven’s corner relocated its business entity under Sri Komalah Restaurant and it started to operating on 24 hours, 7 days a week basis. By 1997, Steven’s Corner expanded its operations to Pandan Indah, Cheras and subsequently in 2007 its third outlet in Setapak.

Needless to say that by sheer determination and banking on customers loyal support, the once Mamak has now turned into a full fledged model restaurant serving thousands of patrons daily at all the 3 outlets.

DSC02504 Interior

DSC02514 DSC02511
Maggie mee Goreng rm7.88 :: Air Bandung rm3.88

DSC02509 DSC02512
Nasi Lemak Ayam rm 7.88 :: Sirap rm 2.88

- Close up -

DSC02518 DSC02517
Dinner Meal set C
White rice, vegetable, Chicken Varual, Parpadam & soft drinks rm9.88

DSC02501 DSC02503
I found their pricing is abit… CHINESE? lols.. all end with rmxx.88!

p/s: my dinner buddies aipeng and favian!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dragon - i

Here's a short review on the Dragon-i restaurant.

One thing worth mentioning is that they serve very efficiently. unless otherwise stated in the menu that longer time will be taken to serve a particular dish, the average time per dish is served to the customer is between the time span of 5 to 10 minutes.

My last experience eating in Dragon-i was on Valentine's Day early this year.

Under normal circumstance, eating out in any restaurant on any of the special occasions will only result in you struggling to secure seats in the midst of the ever-growing crowds. the lucky ones who manage to secure a table for 2 or more will often find themselves waiting impatiently while waiting for the meals to be served.

A different scenario altogether in Dragon-i. Dont need to wait too long to be served seats, and definitely dont need to wait long for food to be served.

Dont get me wrong, crowd is always there - has always been there, meant to be there - but what surprised me most is how fast they serve the dishes in spite of the growing crowds and customers every now and then.

Service wise, i'll give a thumb-up for its professionalism.

Food quality wise, it depends on what you order.

spicy taufu rice

steam pork rice


Shanghai dumplings

salted taufu

all these cost us about RM82.80.

Dragon-i can be found in One-utama, mid valley and pavilion.

give it a try, let them have u 'wow' at their service.

overall rating : 7/10

Spaghetti Feast @ EduSquare


Last week, out of a sudden, we had the spaghetti fiesta in EduSquare. We went over to tesco semenyih to equip us some material like: spaghetti, meat, juice, fruits, tang yuan and what ever~

n719830434_2811853_4136594 n719830434_2811865_8138998

Peyyu cutting bacon and i helping out in the cooking part. *Opps* none of the bacon fall out!

n719830434_2811859_1233428 n719830434_2811863_3601210
Aipeng the main chef and Yanz the poser! lols.

n719830434_2811862_3636212 n719830434_2811864_3094974
Hmm.. do these photo clearly shows that we like cam whore?

n719830434_2811873_2549816 (2) n719830434_2811872_1417877
I have no idea what aipeng trying to do in both photo!!!

n719830434_2811880_7005539 n719830434_2811881_6049194
Hmm.. 3 of them listening to the MAIN CHEF *cough* desmond ? haha… :: Cards game!

n719830434_2811882_83876 n719830434_2811884_2331102
Hmm… she… GAMBLING QUEEN!!!!!!!!! *pointing to the card* 3 ACES !!!

n719830434_2811876_1371293   n719830434_2811881_6049194
At last..The spaghetti is cooked… at 9.20pm

n719830434_2811888_561604 n719830434_2811886_51623
Serving (HUNGRY!!!)

n719830434_2811949_6073410 n719830434_2811947_63806
The “best friend” photo!!! *evil smile*

n719830434_2811950_7370050 n719830434_2811954_6622071
Some shots

n719830434_2811951_7302188*ta-da!!!* the end product

 n719830434_2811959_1338849 n719830434_2811960_5555955
The “tang yuan” moment :: She lost in a game and she has to drink the leftover soup *see her face*


THANK YOU so much!!!!