Friday, March 13, 2009

Jogoya @ Starhill [Part 3 : The celebration]


Around 10.30pm, the cake and baby lobster dedicated for our birthday kids were served.

P1050780 P1050782

P1050781 P1050783 Before blowing the candle, 3 of them enjoying the xenon-flash moment from us!
*Oops* favian doesn’t like flash!!!!

P1050786 P1050787
Make a wish?? only eelyn?? haha  ::  Whatever la, blow!!

P1050788 P1050789
Again, waiting for 4 camera man and women to get their job done! :: Cutting cake

P1050779 P1050784
Lobster and Cake sponsored by Jogoya

After the candle blowing, cake cutting session, we continue our job, EATING!!! haha

P1050791 P1050792
Ginseng Soup :: Unagi Glutinous Rice

P1050793 P1050796
Chicken Jaw :: Blossom Tea

P1050794 P1050797
Lamb Shank again :: Pathetic small piece of unknown fish

Almost ciao,
so we ask the waitress to help us..

Take 1 : OOps.. too far la!


Take 2 : crowd: “ desmond, u go help us take one. >< "


Take 3 : YEAH! the perfect one!!


Bye Jogoya!!!

Before ciao-ing, it is a MUST to take another photos lo!!

P1050806 P1050807
P1050808 P1050809

P1050810 P1050811

Ok, here is another non-jogoya territory cam-whore session :

P1050812 P1050813
hmm.. they really into cam-whoring mood d!! haha

Jogoya, see you next time!!!

The cam whore spirits has been brought …even into lift…

P1050819 P1050818 P1050817

Reach campus around.. 1+ morning.

and.. i yawn more than 20 times in the business finance class at 9am morning.. >< *yawn*

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