Wednesday, August 6, 2008

U still in J Co donuts??? lets try sth new!

WOW!! i been so busy since 1st of august!! I went for KL World Marching Band Competition! I was assigned as the Liason Officer for Singapore Band! It was very challenging and fun!! After that i went back to work n now oni able to update!

Today i went The Loft @ pavillion! I bought their cheese cakes! i m enuff for J.Co, Big Apple! now, i wanna introduce this Cheese Cake!

Choco Cheese Cake! My Favourite!!! / rm6

Blueberry Cheese Cake / rm6

Coffee Cheese Cake / rm6

Strawberry Cheesecake (highly recommend)/ rm6

Pandan Cheese cake / rm6


  1. OMG!~
    Plz pLz PLZ!~ open 1 @ Penang!!~ xO
    Che3Zzze Cak3!!

  2. hahahaha!!!
    i tried it too!! with chern ta!
    i had the strawberry one, and chern ta had the chocolate one!
    ahhahahaha i tried it twice! chun chun! sedap!!!

  3. should have told me earlier!
    the thai band went pavilion like twice.
    and ended up keep buying J.Co donuts oni la we all.
    for that 11 days we ate J. Co and Big Apple for abt 5 days. ish.
    gonna try this out edi.

  4. rachael:

    oh great!! they doin promotion recently! 50% storewide! lols...
    yeah, i love the choco one! what about their bread?? i love their chicken ham!! haha...

  5. jhen:

    ya wor! that day 4th august ur band at pavillion too right?? i saw them!

    haha... J.Co.. also not bad la!! but u shud hav brought them to The Loft!! lols..

    their bread also not bad!! if u can, go their second floor, got nicer meal!! lols..

  6. Food'o :

    hahaha... them hav one in langkawi!!! haha