Wednesday, January 30, 2008


i din update my foodie for few days bcoz i was super busy on other things~ haha...

i jus came back from timesquare with my new haircut~ haha..

overall still.. boleh tahan lar..

i went kimarie @timesquare , it was better than last time Jetzen @ Mv,

"shrimpeeEgg" is one of the.. erm... can describe as "no matter you are kids or adults, u ll like tis food!"
so... it given a grade " U " as "umum" if i gonna advertise this in CineAds.. =)

btw, it is easy to cook. depends on the size of shrimps u willing to buy~

but.. bigger size doesnt mean nicer taste. =)

difficulties: * (1 star)

interested on this dish?

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