Monday, January 19, 2009

My third time in Japanese Food Restaurant

Last Thursday (14/1/09) was my very last day in semester 1 of my Year 1 BEF degree in University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. I went through foundation from July 2007 and now, January 2009 Year 1 Semester 1 over.  *time flies* (omg.. why i sound a little bit moody?) haha…

I very used to myself already, after a hectic period of doing work, i will feel LOST when such works (assignments, exam) came to the end, normally i  will unconsciously  de-tour around the campus alone…  Is this regarded as a person who doesn’t have proper time managing skill? what say you?


On the Business Economic Final’s eve, lingyok sent me an sms, asking me whether to join them to mv tomorrow’s afternoon to get some pressies for our January birthday friends. It was a total of 7 of them! Actually, things happen this way. I wasn’t intended to go for Zanmai, but only escaping from this oil palm jungle to a concrete jungle where i belong to, inhale some kl fresh air and watch a nice movie. haha
We had our lunch in Mcd after buying Bed Time Stories movie ticket. We wanted to watch a HK comedy, but it wasn’t out yet. Premier screening on the first day of Cny.

Oh ya, i got only 3 previous dealing with Japanese food. The first time was in Jogoya, which was not really serving PURE Japanese food, but a combination of Chinese, Japanese and western food.  My second time was in Sushi King and my willingness to pay for the bill is nearly zero, i can’t explain the reason to you, i just don’t like! Thirdly,  here i come, Sushi Zanmai. Haha..  I not really so deep into japanese food. It is all because i couldn’t stand raw meat.. even Salmon, i would prefer grilled salmon with some mayonnaise topping. Yes, i am kinda weird.

After lingyok has completed all her tasks, we decided going back to campus by catching 630pm bus. We couldn’t get on the train at 5.50pm from mv to kajang due to the selfishness of some malaysian who didn’t want to move further in the train and the stupidity of the KTM arranging the train shift, i wonder why don’t they spend some money to upgrade the pathatic quality of public transport instead of building a new low cost terminal only benefiting airasia in labu, negeri sembilan while the KLIA was designed for 125 million passengers a year but we are handling only 25 million passengers with a excess capacity for another 100 million passengers more?  We end up  decided to take the next bus, which is 8.30pm and get our dinner in mv. That was the reason! haha

Well, i m still a newbie in eating Japanese food , so i do not really know how to order as in which dish is nice for me, so I randomly ordered their Unagi set. I tasted a little saltiness in it. Saltiness would go well with white rice compared to sweetness and Sunshi Zanmai’s Unagi just hit the right spot.


DSC02289 Small Unagi set, Rm15.90++


DSC02290DSC02291  Tempura Udon set by chernta, Rm10.80++


Tsukimi Ramen by chenxing, Rm6.80++


Sunway Pyramid Outlet
First Floor, Japanese Street,
TEL 03 - 7492 3080
FAX 03 - 7492 3090
MOBILE 012 - 989 3080
12.00 noon - 11.00 pmAll Logo Map Artwork

The Garden Outlet
T-217, Third Floor, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
TEL 03 - 2282 1160
FAX 03 - 2282 3160
MOBILE 012 - 702 1160
10.00 am - 10.00 pm

sz garden map


  1. sushi zanmai is seriously niceeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. hahhaa... i wanna go again!!!!! hoho!!!! nex time we go when we are free!!!

  3. why do u all like this shop?
    is it very very nice?
    erm..i found tht still okay..
    haha..maybe japanese food not suit for me..^^
    anyway..i will go try again..

  4. erm.. coz i oni been to sushi king ma.. so i prefer this than sushi king! haha...
    mayb i found some other restaurant better than this.. then i ll kick this restaurant out from my list lo!!

  5. wah..why do u seem like got a bit angry..?!
    anyway..this restaurant really better than sushi king..^^

  6. haha... omg! i got angry mer?? lols...
    dunno le.. i m still a newbie in japanese food.. u may teach me more ya!! haha..

  7. i quite like japanese food altho i'm not such big fan of it.
    honestly, apart from the reasonable price, i dont find the food in zanmai very nice. hmmmm, i think the Raku Zen in chulan square serves good japanese food, altho it's a bit pricey, but i think worth the price. =)

  8. oh reli??? Raku Zen.. i heard of it but nvr been there~ lols...
    but recently.. Tianji is one of the hottest restaurant in town~ heard b4??

  9. tianji? hmmmm, havent really heard of it before. where isit at btw? japanese restaurant too??

  10. yeah!! a japanese restaurant! erm, at solaris mont kiara..
    previously was rm 50+ but now... CNY!!! they increased to rm88++...

  11. wow! mont kiara! errrr, last time my friend mentioned to me one place, she said quite nice, was it japanese restaurant? i cant remember. but mont kiara sounds familiar, i think she mentioned mont kiara, the place she recommended prolly is there too! ok! tian ji!! see if i got chance to eat! hehe

  12. yeah, solaris @ mont kiara.
    jus nex to sri hartamas. =)
    haaha.. u tried d let me know!!

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