Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi Sushi!

If you’re craving for Sushi whilst in London and you haven’t have the heart to spend a lot on sushi itself, here’s an alternative.



A friend recommended to us of this cheap sushi buffet in Hi Sushi.

Well, Hi Sushi is located somewhere near Leicester Square (Chinatown) in London. Hi Sushi is in Frith Street, Soho region, about 5-7 minutes walk from Leicester Square tube station.

For GBP15… we had :

1st round ;


Come to momma sushis!!!



Thick, thick slices of salmon…

Fried, grilled, stuffs. Tempura prawns, tofu, squid, chicken, pork…

The rule is, we are only allowed to order 8 choices of fried & grilled stuffs and this is only one off order.

And for sushi, it’s unlimited order. So you can order for as many rounds you want.


Round 2 :


Round 3 :



And we had Round 4, and Round 5 of the same stuffs as Round 3. The focus is on Salmon yo!!!


For affordable sushi that can make you go *BURP* and make you salmon phobia for at least 1 week, this is definitely one place that’s worth trying, penny wise!

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