Thursday, February 5, 2009

I need “fruitipedia” !

Happy post-Chinese New Year to my fellow readers!!
I think most of my uni friends out there already started their semester 2 week 1. On contrary, i am still enjoying my post-cny at home^^  haha~

OK, i went back to my hometown durinf cny –>  Sg Mati. I bet some of you must be struggling by saying:" what place is that??!! a dead river?? Sg Wang in KL but “Sg Mati” in Johor?!!” . Sg Mati, a primitive town that  doesn’t have much entertainment, but i did enjoy it!!

Well.. i saw a kinda weird unique fruit in my ancestor house… According to my aunt, it is call “Passion” fruits.. did anyone of you ever heard about it??

1- unknown fruits

Anyway..  it doesn’t looks good rite?

Please let me know the answer by leaving comment if u knew it ya! Perhaps.. i might reward you with it!! lol


  1. wahaha.. i oso knoe tat since last yr..
    in kampung got lots but in kl RM1 per passion fruit..
    got red, yellow n white colour.
    i saw it in ss2 pasar malam


  2. ahha... where is ur kampung??
    ya lo.. in kampung i think 30cents each oni lo! lols...
    then.. did u try? how u feel??

  3. Yea I heard bout' passion fruit be4 and my dad even planted it in my old house there ..It's some healthy fruit I heard ... It smelled lik some mango ...

  4. i knew bout it.. hahax..
    my bros eat alot.. my dad plant it too.. my whole family make drinks wit it, mix wit ice-cream n oso make enzymes.. ^^

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  6. i reply here la can?
    my dad plant 1.. he plant in plastic bags 1st.. then duno hw long time liao oni transfer to ground.. gt use wood n wayar make til lik duno hw to say.. then de shoots wil slowly go up lor.. i can go take pic nxt time n let u see..