Thursday, January 29, 2009

Four Seasons Restaurant

Hello people!


Have you heard of Four Seasons Restaurant in London?

Haha. I bet most people who are a fan of chinese food would definitely pay this restaurant a visit.

Four Seasons Restaurant is located in Bayswater, London. Well, you can take the tube to Queensway station and it’s about 5 minutes walk from there. 



What one must try is the famous roasted duck.

We ordered a whole roasted duck.

AND YES!!! The duck is omg… LOVE IT! YUMMY!!! For a moment I thought I was on cloud 9 when the piece of roasted duck meat was in my mouth.



Next is the roasted crispy pork and char siew.


We had this vege too.



And not in pictures are 2 dishes. One minced pork thingy and another one is duck wrap.

The total ?

It’s about GBP80+ for the 6 of us.

So it’s about GBP15 per person, and we all went out with a very full stomach. This is one restaurant that I would recommend and bring my friends and family when they go to London. It’s worth trying!

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