Saturday, June 14, 2008

曾发 @ sri kembangan

On 4th of June, my food pro uncle brought me to a restaurant in Sri Kembangan ,serdang, which located at Jalan Besar . This restaurant near to CIMB bank. For sure u ll see this along the road side!

First of all, they are famous of their paper-wrapped-chicken which u can see below~ well, the oni paper-wrapped-chicken i tried before was in Gei-Dak-Sik (记得吃), but i personally prefer here! We ordered a total of 15 for 10 of us, initially i tot shudnt be a problem for us to K.O. them, but...jus the portion of others dishes were too big.. so.. we kalah d.. we left 3 pieces!

Another popular or *sign-dish* (招牌菜 ^^) dish from them, steamed fish with Asam paste. I end up eating 3 bowls of rice...aihks.. hasegawa.. how u goin to lose ur weight like that??!!

Ladies and gentleman, this dish is known is *Fatt-Put*. The outer layer is made up of yam paste. They first steamed it soft and made it into a round shape n fried it. Middle if it is filled with sotong, onions and some nuts~

ok, this one is tauhu-soup, that was my first time trying that. They blend the toufu and cook it with some chicken soup with some crab meat. They not using those rozen crab meat, so the taste came out to be nicer! =)


So, if u interested, jus try to go sri kembangan and look for it. U may jus simply ask anyone who stay in sri kembangan, they would definitely know bout this restaurant!


  1. haha i ate b4! the taufu is nice..
    but the food prices in tat restaurant is quite expensive one=)

  2. lol... that day 12 of us.. around rm180 lo... got 5 or 6 dishes.. consider expensive?? i also dunno.. i wasnt the one who paid. haha...

  3. looks nice! yummy!
    will try out the food someday..=)

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  5. haha... okok.. share ur experience with us after u tried!!