Thursday, January 24, 2008

~Chaxiu King~

i had a very delicious dinner jus now!! coz that one was one of my favourite food!!

well, i think the only people who tried my "chaxiu" only my family and secondary skol fren.

so far in nottingham, erm.. only 2 of my housemates tried b4! =)

okok, to cook tis, you will need some "more-than-basic cooking skills" ! haha.. that means u may have to ask ur mother to guide u! ( ops.. sorry, mayb those who reading this are super-pro chef.. ahha.. paiseh!)..

well, lets start!

first, u have to get urself an oven. ( mine is those a fan on top generating heat, =.= dunno the exact name of that machine )

after that, you will need to buy some " fa yok" (name in cantonese and already shown in pic) n seasoned them.

do not put into fridge right after u seasoned it, coz have to let it process 10 mins in order to taste better.

preheat the oven for 10 minutes. then let the pork be sitted... ( haha.. crapping)

set the temperature to 225 celcius and 30 minutes time.
after 15 minutes....

5 minutes more to done!! haha..

this is what people call " last minute" !! ahah..
not bad ma~~but the "last minute" was so looong for me!!! ahha

wow... so hot!!! yeah, finally done!!

the one beside is chaxiu sause~ yummy

dada~~!! DONE
: " mom, dinner time!!!! "
haha... i ate 2x rice jus now... hoho~

well, how do u think? haha

difficulties : ***** (5 stars)

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  1. You.Made.Char.Siew! I'm yet to try it out okay!:)

  2. haha... got chance der! =)