Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu

This Yong Tau Fu consider the nearest from my house. Normally about eating yong tau fu, we will ahead to Ampang. There is a Ampang HongHong Yong Tau Fu! my favouriteEST!! lols....
but... in consider with the petrol price raised about 40%.... we sometimes take some alternative solution. lols.... (what the hell m i talking about??) ahhaa...
Pricing... more n more expensive compared to few years ago.. I still remember last time was 50-60 cent per piece! Now already 90cent!! walao.... All this have to thank to the contribution of our existing government! and those broker who controlling the oil price in the international market!!! hmmph!! i hate u!

5 of us, we ordered nearly 50 pieces! we made wrong decision... we couldnt finished them!! sigh!


  1. their fried shui jiao very yummy~!
    selayang used to have one branch oso.
    but last few months closed edi. =.=

  2. hahaha.... yes i know! but i think that ampang one slightly nicer! lols...
    their jalan pahang branch also closed d! coincidence?? lols...

  3. did u da pao back those unfinished stuff??? hehe

  4. erm... i forced myself to finish them.. =.=