Saturday, August 30, 2008

Westin Gourmet

ladies and gentlemen, i wanna wish u all Happy Merdeka Eve! Finally i m able to sit infront of my laptop n upload my blog! After a LOONG busy week!
This time, i am goin to introduce u some nice breads n cakes! instead of those "story or history"! somemore i dun feel they are worth to eat lo!

Basically, Westin Gourmet located at the ground floor of Westin Hotel. For ur information, Westin Hotel is a combination of hotel and residences, therefore, the gourmet is meant to be their resident's market. Only they can afford the rate offered by the hotel.

Anyhow, that is non of my business, and in this entry i m focusing on those nice bread!!

their cakes

some cup cakes

lemon meringue and fruit triffle

wide variaties of breads selection

choco muffin foodie recommend

for those who loves danish

Choco croissant foodie recommend n strawberry bun

quiches foodie recommend

for strawberry lovers , strawberry tart

well, if u intend to visit, it is jus opposite The Pavilion Kuala Lumpur! and please be smart, come here only after 6 coz u ll be entitled a 50% off for all breads and 30% off for cakes and tarts.

enjoy urself!!


  1. *screammmmmmmm!!!!*

    all those cakes, cupcakes, muffins etc!!! so mouth-watering!! gosh!!!! look so so so yummy!!!! grr!!! i feel like biting that choco muffin now!!!

    i'll be heading down to pavilion, if possible i might want to check them out! gosh! yummy!!!!! =P

    thx for introducing! ;)

  2. hahaha!
    u shud go n check it out!!
    that choco muffin reli.. sluurrrp!haha...