Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tea time @ Old Town

It's just one of the tea time sessions with my brother during summer break. This time, we went to Old Town's, at New World Park. You don't know New World Park? It's one of the famous food places in Penang. In English, it's called New World Park. In Hokkien, it's widely known as Sin Sei Kai.

Me & my brother @ Old Town, New World Park

Over there, I can go online with my Sony Ericsson P1i. However, after awhile onlining via wifi, I got bored.

In Old Town, it's a self service thingy. Like you look at the menu and tick whatever you wanna order in the Order Form. After that, pass it on to any of the waiters/waitresses that you see. Then, they'll read out your order and confirm with you.

Yours truly looking at the menu

After ordering, I got bored... so...

Haha I think I'm quite photogenic cause I look better in photos than in real life. Haha is it me, or is it the camera? LOL.

Seriously, I was very, very bored....

My nasi lemak chicken rendang

Toast bread + butter

My brother & his half boiled eggs

My brother's 100 plus & my Old Town White Coffee

I have no idea what got into me, I couldn't finish the nasi lemak chicken rendang. The chicken's not that fresh I guess. The bread was ok and so was the egg. Oh my! I'm missing Old Town's White Coffee already! Haha. Overall, thanks to my brother for belanja-ing lil ol' me!

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