Thursday, October 16, 2008

a tasteless dinner~ @ kajang foodcourt

After a few days eating in sa, i went kajang with my fren for dinner. Erm, that was my first visits to that hawker center~ Erm...for me, hawker center food wasnt that nice and much more expensive!! =.= this hawker center located behing Kajang Metro Point. I ordered a Crispy Fried Chicken Rice.
WALAOEH!!!! Their Milo-Ais.... OMG!!!!! 20% milo-taste!!! AUNTY!! u serve me some leftover milo from other customer and refill with some water and ice-cube???!! what the heck!!!

By the way, the crispy fried chicken rice really CRISP~Y !!!!! but... lack of taste!! sigh~

erm... side dish~ young-tau-fu... also tasteless!!!

OMG!! do u know TASTE??? RASA????


  1. haha... the food here deteriorated already... last time was better.. now... :(

  2. hi christine!!
    u knew that place too??
    btw.. reli OMG lo!!! felt like cheated by them!! lols...

  3. thats one of our few options for SA food escapehhhhh!!!!
    don complaint too much!!!

  4. well... i was telling what i felt lo!! nothing wrong what!!! freedom in speaking!! lols...