Monday, June 8, 2009

Hong Kong Dessert @ Pavilion KL

Before we kicked off our summer, together with favian, aipeng and chernta, went pavilion for movie and dessert!

IMG_1703 IMG_1706
Cam Whore session in front DKNY.
Our movie time was scheduled at 4.30pm and we had 1.5 hours more to go!!

IMG_1709 IMG_1716
So, stopped by Hong Kong Dessert to kill time!!

IMG_1720 IMG_1723
Shaved ice with mango topping rm 6.50
What the hell, mango was sooooo sour!!!! oh gosh!
  Please say no to this shop!

IMG_1722 IMG_1721
Chilled Sour Mango Sago with Pamelo rm8.50

Tofu-fa with Gula Malacca rm4.50

IMG_1719 IMG_1713
Chilled Mango Cincau with Coconut Milk rm6.50
i think a more appropriate name for this : Sour Mango Cincau with Coconut Milk

He deliberately did that!! I din manage to take a normal photo with him…  ARGH!

IMG_1743 IMG_1742

The Exclusive!!!!

IMG_1747 IMG_1748

Chern ta, facial expression wise, u had made two of them so inferior!! lolx

haha.. i was shocked by this ads!! It was jus so weird taking picture in front of that GIANT thing!! @.@

Later then, we went over times square for Krispy Kreme.

IMG_1761 IMG_1760
After Krispy Kreme, Cheras Pasar Malam…

We reli had a good time together!! Hope to see u all sometime very soon!!!


  1. Hong Kong also use gula Malacca?

  2. hahaa... it taste exactly the same as gula melaka.. lol.

    nice to know u!! ^^

  3. haha. well, i tried this shop b4 and their mango dessert too. it tasted fine the time i went there. i guess it just depends on the mango they used. maybe they have some prob with their fruit quality, but not to the extend till everyone should say no to the shop la. lol. it was featured in newspaper as one of the most successful dessert shop i think. im not too sure bout it. but u should give it a second chance, but leave the mango out this time. LOL.

  4. haha, thanks for leaving me a comment.
    I got ur point, just that, i wrote based on my first-time experience.. A very crucial point they have to be aware is giving a VERY-Best first-time impression to any of their customers. We, a consumer, wont be so "rational" to give a second chance, on the ground of we dint know about how famous they are?
    Somemore if they are such famous, i think,they need to at least concern their food quality. =)
    A sour mango for a mango dessert.. wasnt that appropriate right?