Sunday, June 29, 2008

Prototype of Hasegawa Cheese Baked Rice

Hmm... today before went for "Wanted" in One U, i made this-->
>>ChickenChop Cheese Baked Rice! <<
hahaa... it wasnt looks nice at all right? ahha... this will jus considered as a prototype for me.
Reason is i nvr did that before... Generally, problems were i needed more cheese,and a nicer cheese.
well, my family tested and they felt nth special WITH or WITHOUT that portion of cheese.. =.= @.@...
i ll try to check it out from net or anyone of u knew the proper way in cooking cheese baked rice, i ll feel honoured if u willing to share me! =)
p/s : i met kevin in 1u !!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fong Lye @ The Garden

Ladies n gentleman! first of all... reli paiseh i din update foodie for almost a week! That was bcoz bla bla bla~ ( desmond, this is not an excuse anyway~ ) lol... Nola.. coz currently busying for EURO 2008~ :p astro supersport channel 816, 817,....

Today, after i went pavillion for some personal stuff, i bump into mv to watch movie. Erm.. actually i supposed to accompany my fren to buy his stuff, and i only planned to watch movie and some nice food~!! Unfortunately the story ended up in this way, he din manage to buy anything.. =.= mayb can say in this way.. none of the product in mv was successfully macthed his style...( wow... foodie who reading this sentence, dun get mad ya!) haha...and i suddenly rmb i got some boutique voucher to use, so the result was i bought a shirt which i not expexted to get and we watched The Incredible Hulk. haha... see... today.. i got my plan done~

All and all... any further information jus talk to me individually ba~ lol... BACK!
this restaurant located at The Garden 4th floor (i think... do not rmb d.. lol..) erm, for ur imformation, u will have to passby this restaurant while on ur way to The Garden Signature! It jus beside the escalator~ that time was around 4 sth d.. so i jus plan to eat a little bit only~

Below are some of their menu~

this one.. quite funny! haha... if u are hokkien and u know mandarin, then u will know the funny part! hahah... Hokkienese, a song title rite? lol...

i spotted this.. taiwan burger??!! wow... coz so far oni available for me in TVBS. @.@

from my observation, for taiwanese restaurant, they will print out what u have already ordered in a "priceless" receipt~ erm.. dun get confused, jus a "receipt style" checklist but without the price oni~
foodie-hase introducing Fong Lye foods with his professional effort~ haha... As long as food infront of desmond, he will be very happee d! lol... *smileeee.. cheeeeezeee*

this is how Fong Lye interior looks like~
and this fellow ar... He is Mr Yanz!! the one who always accompany me go try foods! terima kasih~!! i wonder whether he is too dark or Fong Lye lightning problem ar?

another funny thing is, i tot milk tea in france style is different from those milk tea in HongKong Restaurant like KimGary or U-village.. mana tahu... lolss... was exactly the same... mayb they use brown sugar la... taste slightly better (i think it can be considered as a marketing strategy- consumer psychology part).. actual look as below ~ @.@

WHOA~!! my order! Taiwan Hambuger!! hahaha...
i been looking for this dunno how many decades d! coz.. i nvr been to taiwan to try this, n oni can watch from TVBS~ lol..
They served with a nice plate~!! lol...
~truth revealed~
~yanz order~
according to him, bside main course, those side dishes were vey delicious too~!
"eh yanz, camera over here eh..."
he was enjoying his taiwan style ABC

Thursday, June 19, 2008

:: nAsi lemAk ::

Nasi Lemak, a VERY common rice for every malaysian! this is also a must-try food for every foreign tourist who visits malaysia. Other than nasi lemak, foods like roti canai, bak-kut-teh, and drinks like teh tarik and etc, reli attract them alot!! But for us.. haha...

Tourist : " eh Mr. Ali, i want to try lasirr limak! where can i get it? "
Ali : " Again??!! what did u say? "
Tourist : " erm.. that rice which cook with coconut milk and some chicken curry serving one! "
Ali : "Orh!!! NASI LEMAK~ aiyoh.. nasi lemak saja ma.. i mana pun boleh dapat la~ "

If i am not mistaken, i did cook nasi lemak in nottingham kitchen, but that time i failed to cook a nice one! lol... so that time if any1 of my coursemate tried it.. i apologize for that and what i can say is *pai seh* ! haha...

today, got some fresh chicken from market for me to cook Kari Ayam.
In modern days, there is a quicker way to cook kari ayam. U can get a packet of kari ayam paste from market and jus follow their direction which printed at the back of the packet!

Mixed the curry paste with onions and cili padi~ and fried it for approximately 5 mins.

Add chickens and cook it with low-level flame for 10 minutes.

Pour in appropriate coconut milk, i chose to add milk powder because i feel it is better for our health! lol... btw, for gurls.. hmm~ coconut milks is jus too FAT right? haha...

For sure, u must prepare a ikan bilis sambal!

ta DA~ enjoy your meal!!!

p/s : if u lazy to cook and rather pay few dollars to buy, i recommend u few places.

HIGH-END nasi lemak, u may go The Sakura Restaurant at Jalan Imbi, Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak Restaurant ,Westin Gourmet breakfast, or any 4 or 5 bintang hotels...

Economically tasty nasi lemak, u may try Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa at Kampung Baru, Greenwood Nasi Lemak and etc

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gurney Drive's Mua Chee

Us @ Gurney Drive

Gurney Drive is very famous for its abundant tasty delicious mouth watery local hawker food. Yes yes, but that was last decade. Now, yes, Gurney Drive is still famous for its local hawker food. But to get the really best other local hawker food, you have to go to numerous of places for it. Most food @ Gurney Drive now is so-so-ok-ok only.

Uncle working on our orders

In Gurney Drive, we have 1 stall selling Mua Chee which is really really good. Mua Chee is
a dessert popular at street hawkers. In english, its : Glutinous Rice Flour & Sesame Peanut Kuih. Mua Chee is 1 of my favourite desserts in Penang. I've been "pong chan"-ing this uncle's stall for more than 10 years already! Since I was a toddler! Same uncle, same taste... price different only. Haha.
Mua Chee

There are a lot of stalls selling the same thing, so you have to be aware of which stall gives you the best Mua Chee. To make things easier for you, I've taken photos of it. All you gotta do is just remember the stall sign & its operated by an uncle.

The stall
Chern Ta

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mee Goreng CRC

Mee Goreng CRC is 1 of the most established mee gorengs in Penang. Last time, this mee goreng CRC is located in CRC (Chinese Recreation Club), however, they moved out years after being very famous. They moved to a corver house coffee shop located just beside Dorsett Hotel(last time twas Sheraton), opposite the KFC mansion, or behind Giant Supermarket near Swatow Lane.

It is still known as mee goreng CRC after more than 10 years. RM4.00 for a plate of mee goreng now compared to 2 weeks ago, RM3.50. They serve : Mee goreng, mee basah : either chicken or mutton. Every plate has cuttlefish, sotong too. YUM YUM!

Mee Basah CRC

To enhance your taste of food, press some lime on your mee goreng or mee basah and add those green chilli

Mee Goreng CRC

Saturday, June 14, 2008

曾发 @ sri kembangan

On 4th of June, my food pro uncle brought me to a restaurant in Sri Kembangan ,serdang, which located at Jalan Besar . This restaurant near to CIMB bank. For sure u ll see this along the road side!

First of all, they are famous of their paper-wrapped-chicken which u can see below~ well, the oni paper-wrapped-chicken i tried before was in Gei-Dak-Sik (记得吃), but i personally prefer here! We ordered a total of 15 for 10 of us, initially i tot shudnt be a problem for us to K.O. them, but...jus the portion of others dishes were too big.. so.. we kalah d.. we left 3 pieces!

Another popular or *sign-dish* (招牌菜 ^^) dish from them, steamed fish with Asam paste. I end up eating 3 bowls of rice...aihks.. hasegawa.. how u goin to lose ur weight like that??!!

Ladies and gentleman, this dish is known is *Fatt-Put*. The outer layer is made up of yam paste. They first steamed it soft and made it into a round shape n fried it. Middle if it is filled with sotong, onions and some nuts~

ok, this one is tauhu-soup, that was my first time trying that. They blend the toufu and cook it with some chicken soup with some crab meat. They not using those rozen crab meat, so the taste came out to be nicer! =)


So, if u interested, jus try to go sri kembangan and look for it. U may jus simply ask anyone who stay in sri kembangan, they would definitely know bout this restaurant!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sisters Char Koay Teow

Sisters Char Koay Teow at Macalister Road

Today, I'm going to introduce you to the famous Sisters Char Koay Teow located at Macalister Road, Penang. Yes, the char koay teow is known as Sisters Char Koay Teow. Hmmm let us wonder will we ever have a Brothers char koay teow soon? Haha. The coffee shop is at the corner and located opposite Phuah Hin Leong's mansion (which is now under construction after selling it to Loh Guan Lye hospital). Or... you simply recognise the coffee shop cause it looks like it's about to collapse anytime. Hahaha.

View from the shop

Parking isssues... You'll have a difficult time to find parking as there's no parking lots available (yes there is, but only like a few, less than 5). You have to park illegally along the roadsides, so you have to be smart la, "cap sang" sikit when you park lest you get a parking summon. Everyone parks illegally along the roadside and ironically, its at the main road of Macalister Road. Just follow the cars and park. Hehe.

Me & Graeme with our plate of char koay teow

Graeme & Chern Ta with their char koay teow

The char koay teow has its own speciality. Sisters sprinkle some fresh crab meat on top of the char koay teow before serving you. A plate of normal char koay teow costs RM4.00 (that was before the price increase of oil). Sisters char koaay teow opens for breakfast only. If you go there for lunch, too bad la, cause they'll be closed for the day then. The perfect time to go is around 9AM+ to 11AM+ (before 12PM).

You must be wondering, eh? Sisters? Lorong Selamat? Which one better? Well, in my opinion, you have to try both places of char koay teow! WHY? You think I'm a very big fan of char koay teow is it? Crazy ah? NOooo. That's cause... each plate of char koay teow is different. Tastewise and price. Hehehe.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The making of Dumpling~

5th of May in Chinese Calender is known as Dragon Boat Festival. My mom and i made some dumpling for ourself and relatives~

Hmm, one thing, i would like to say is... Home made dumpling is much more nicer than those i bought in pasar malam...and u know la.. our gov has just increased the oil price, and inflation in flying colours~ so... better save $$~ DIY la!
here i ll let u know the actual process of making dumpling~

First of all, u will have to prepare some basic material:

Brown cotyledons, simmer in hot water and get it immersed in water for one night.

Brown cotyledons

You can easily get this glutinous rice from any grocery store, those i bought was 60% glutinous rice mixed with 40% normal rice~

Glutinous rice
Immersed in water for 30 minutes in order to make it easier to cook~

After that u will have to fried it with appropriate seasoning

There are 5 more ingredients u will need in a dumpling which are dried shrimp, boiled chest nut, pork, seasoned duck egg, and mushroom.

Below is the process of dumpling making~ (starring: hase's mom's hand)

hahaha... u think it was easy?? lol... i tell u... u are wrong!!! lol... in my family, only my mom managed to wrap it nicely!

after that, boiled it in a hot pot with 100'c for 2.5 hours!

*so nice*

hahaha... my special one.. it is bigger than the normal one! ahhaa...

do u realise that in the middle of the photo, another giant dumpling from me~!! haha... i learn from newspaper, Pillow Dumpling!!!

the size is 4x bigger than the normal one~ can say 4 in 1! haha...