Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eat nyonya food go malacca. who said??

My first time eating nyonya food happened in august this year when I visited Malacca town for one-day trip. The taste comes close to Thai cuisine with most of the dishes had a bit of sour and spicy taste. Think of thai tomyam, that’s what I mean. recently, i discovered one nyonya restaurant which serves not bad nyonya food. I’m not very familiar with the taste of authentic nyonya delicacies so I cant do much judging. The nyonya food they serve over there, it’s similar to typical Chinese food. Regardless, it’s worth trying.

The restaurant is situated at sri petaling, somewhere near Hotel Sri Petaling. If you know how to reach sri petaling, the rest should be easy cuz I’m pretty sure you can just wind down the car window and ask people the exact location. providing that u know the name of that restaurant of course.

remember the name.

The inside view of the restaurant. clean and well-arranged. and the pictures on the wall are simply mouth-watering.

normal Chicken.

asam prawn


fried salad taufu. this is YUMMY!!! this is a must-try!

then the famous salted egg fried sotong! another must-try!

asam fish

petai, i recommend to whoever loves petai. i'm one myself.

otak-otak. this also is nice.

asam laksa

Overall, the cooking is nice and the price is quite reasonable as well. that was once we ordered 6 dishes, it cost us about less than rm100.

with such price, cooling and neat environment, most importantly, nice food, it's no wonder i keep going back for more. i've been there thrice, first with my friend, second and third with family and all of us just love the food!

and there's defnitely gonna be a 4th, 5th, 6th etc visit. so now, u do the judging.

Rating: 7/10


  1. i wud recommend this type of nyonya food when u go for your next outing though....

    - pon teh chicken
    - lemak cili api
    - fried fish with sambal on top
    - ikan sumbat
    - pucuk paku


  2. OMG!! reading this entry at 12:36 am is very dangerous!!! coz u making me hungry, so eat supper = gain weight!!! hahaa...